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Brexit Statement

23rd October 2018

Brexit Statement

The decision made by the UK to leave the EU inevitably brings uncertainty. During this transition period our focus is to keep customers at the forefront of our actions by pro-actively embracing the upcoming challenges. With only a few days left before Brexit, necessary measures have been implemented to keep the business running smoothly and sustainably.

86% of our items are already sourced from UK suppliers. For the other 14% of our items, Swiftpak has obtained more stock in our warehouse. Additionally, we have changed our supply buying behaviour by taking into account the expected 10 - 12 days delays in receiving supplies from outside the UK. This means that despite new customs processes and possible delays at the border, our UK customers will still receive their orders on time.

Another measure taken has been to hedge currencies and thereby minimizing foreign exchange risks. This aids in keeping the prices for our customers as stable as we possibly can.

The EU has previously pushed the UK from a recycling and environmental perspective. Swiftpak continually strives for environmental-friendly packaging solutions. After Brexit Swiftpak will of course remain committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. 

Our employees are at the heart of our company and Swiftpak strives for diversity in the workplace. Therefore, steps have been taken to mitigate any potential risks concerning work permits of our team.  

By pro-actively having prepared for Brexit in every department, Swiftpak aims to continue business as usual after leaving the EU.

In the month March we will also have a special Brexit promotion. The details of this promotions can be found here.

We will of course review and update these plans on an ongoing basis as we get closer to the Brexit deadline. Please feel free to send any comments or questions to

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