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Go for Gold with Paktool's Packaging Automation

5th July 2016

Go for Gold with Paktool's Packaging Automation

There's just under a month to go to the Rio Olympics, and excitement is mounting in the sporting world - but what about your warehouse staff? Are they ready to be better, faster, stronger than ever before? We all like the idea of being the best, if you are looking for ways you can improve your packaging operation investing in automated packaging machines may be exactly what you need, take the load off your staff and increase the competitiveness of your business overall.


Be "Better" with Paktool Packaging Machines


Did you know that you could be wasting up to half of your stretch film without even realising it? The Paktool stretch pallet wrapping machine system offers a highly efficient and precise stretch wrapping solution which will help to keep your costs down.


Your loads are better protected from tips, spills and damage in transit, and the safety of unstable loads is greatly improved.


Like Swiftpak's other packaging machines, the Paktool stretch wrapping machine excels through ease of use and simplicity of design. With less to go wrong, you have fewer things to worry about.


With less waste, better use of product and easy handling, this stretch wrapping machine could transform the way you use stretch films, for good!


Be "Faster" with Paktool Strapping and Taping Machines


Speed matters, but sacrificing quality for speed is not the solution - fortunately, with the Paktool automatic case taping machine, you don't have to. Using top and side belts to cope with varying carton sizes, this machine efficiently seals up to 30 cases a minute, smoothing the way towards a better return on time invested.


The Paktool automated strapping machine also offers major efficiency improvements. Dispensing, tightening and sealing straps is less of a chore with this easy to use tool. It's simple to load and feeds at the touch of a button, saving reloading time and easing pressure on staff.


Be "Stronger" with Paktool's Durable Packaging Range


The use of a consistent packaging technique with Paktool's packaging machine range means peace of mind for you; goods are packaged properly and securely, every time.


"Stronger" applies not only to the actual packaging, of course. The health and safety of warehouse staff is a key concern for any operation, and these automated packaging tools will help to reduce the physical strain placed on staff, as well as decrease stress in the workplace.


All of Paktool's automated packaging machines are reputably reliable and durable, set to give many years of efficient service. Each machine purchase comes with full engineering support both at the point of installation and throughout the machine's lifetime. With prices starting from as low as £595, isn't it time you went for gold with your packaging processes?


Get in touch with Swiftpak today to request a quote or enquire further, finance arrangements are available and we can help you work out if your operation is ready for the benefits of automation - take the first steps towards revolutionising your packaging operation!


Swiftpak is a packaging supply company with over 30 years experience in choosing the right packaging supplies if you are looking to improve your packaging operation or need advice on the right packaging supplies for your products please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

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