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Going green with your packaging - Void Fill

22nd April 2016

Going green with your packaging - Void Fill

Today is international Earth Day and this is our Random Act of Green.


With growing public awareness of current environmental issues it has never been more important to ensure your products are packaged in the most efficient way, not only is this good for the environment but it's important to your customers too.


Contrary to popular belief choosing the more environmentally friendly option does not have to cost more and in fact the right product swaps will actually save you money. 


Over the next few weeks we will be posting easy to implement and cost effective green product swap options and tips... Sign up to our newsletter  so you don't miss out on these valuable ideas. 


Easy green swaps 1: Void fill

If you use use void fill in your packaging operation a useful product swap could be to replace loose fill with airbags. Airbags come in a number of different shapes and sizes and can be used for cushioning, void fill and block and brace packaging solutions.


Airbag advantages:

  • Less dense therefore less waste
  • More economical than loose fill, one roll of airbags yields the equivalent of 15 bags of loose fill. This saves both in money and storage space!
  • Air bags are fully recyclable.


If however it has to be loose fill Biofill biodegradable starch based loose fill instead of polystyrene chips is an easy alternative unless of course you reuse your polystyrene chips.


Biodegradable loose fill advantages:

  • Biodegradable, easy to dispose of
  • Cheaper product


Paper as void fill has a favorable image with the public and is a much more environmentally friendly option than polystyrene or even the plastic in airbags. Crumpled craft paper works well as void fill and can offer varying degrees of protection using different techniques of crumpling or different paper machines. The cost implications vary depending on the use but the machine hire is usually free with certain amounts of paper usage,  contact us to calculate if it would be a more cost effective option for you, but again there are significant savings in space.


Advantages of paper void fill:

  • More natural product
  • Fully recyclable
  • More positive consumer image




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