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Customer feedback we've recently implemented

When it comes to our website, we truly want our customers to have the best online experience. That's why we've incorporated a feedback widget present on each page, giving you the opportunity to feedback and provide suggestions directly on the page you feel improvements could be made.

Since the widget launch, we've made tons of website improvements. Here are just a few examples.

Notifications module

Any important notifications will now appear in your online portal under the little bell icon towards the top of the page. If you have read all notifications, the bell icon will appear green until a new notification arrives. This is highlighted using an amber circle, with the number of unread notifications shown.

Product sustainability icons

Have you noticed we have recently added new sustainability icons on the portal? With the new plastic tax on the horizon, below each product you will see how much % recycled content the item contains.

Coming soon: Our next development is to include this information on the your products page as well.

Improved checkout flow

We want your ordering experience to be as seamless as possible!

Inside your portal, the approve/request feature now has an improved checkout flow to make the ordering process run more smoothly.

B certified company

Swiftpak CSR. We're making a difference.

We aim to make a real impact here at Swiftpak, and not only on the environment. Supporting charities, volunteering, and helping meet societal goals has always been part of our ethos. 

During these uncertain times, we've been lucky enough to support the people that need it most.

We've also become a B Corp certified company!

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