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How to participate

When placing your order over the stated amounts below, enter code 'trees' at checkout to register your participation. And that's all... it's that simple.

For orders over £300...

one hundred trees

We'll gift 100 trees!

For orders over £600...

We'll gift 250 trees!

For orders over £1000...

We'll gift 500 trees!

Swiftpak and Sustainability

Did you know...

With Swiftpak, you can plant trees and grow your very own forest all year round?

At Swiftpak, we do everything we can to support the environment. So, we've made it easier for your business to make an impact too. 

Our partnership with Ecologi allows your business to offset its paper packaging waste in just a few clicks.

Get started

swiftpak tree planting

Share your tree planting with customers!

Plant trees to unlock an eco-conscious badge for your packaging

When your business plants trees through the Swiftpak portal, you qualify for the use of our brand new tree planting badge.

If you decide to opt in, the badge can be printed anywhere on your packaging to demonstrate that both you and your customers are supporting the environment through the planting of trees.

It may only be a small badge on your packaging, but it stands for a large movement that focuses on the health of our planet.

B certified company

Swiftpak CSR. Our mission beyond the planting of trees.

We aim to make a real impact here at Swiftpak, and not only on the environment. Supporting charities, volunteering, and helping meet societal goals has always been part of our ethos. 

As a B-Corp Certified Company, we're on a mission to becoming carbon neutral in 2022. We've planted over 3,000 trees so far, and as a result, removed over 260 tons of carbon from our planet.

Discover the Swiftpak impact