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Certified protection

Not only can we design your pack for you but we can also have it laboratory tested (ISTA certificated). The goal in designing bespoke packaging is to find a cost-effective solution and provide the most efficient package possible.

This means maximum protection with minimum material. Our design expertise allows us to select the proper material and design the foam pack to suit how and where the product will be shipped and stored, allowing for the nature or fragility of the article. Once designed, we can then test the package and validate its performance.

Wheel packaging

On time perfection

We know that your products must arrive in perfect condition on time, every time - and that's what our bespoke packaging solutions accomplish. We understand that you work in a dynamic fast-paced environment and smooth operations are essential, so the packaging needs to arrive on-time every time. We work with a range of different packaging materials and our offering combines perfect protection while averting over-packaging with the aim to reduce complexity and increase flexibility.

From Idea to Product

Our in-house R&D team are passionate about ideas and new solutions. The process always start with the most important aspect: understanding the goals, pain points, metrics. After a thorough investigation, we hit the drawing board and start creating an online visual of our ideas. Once the visual gets approved, it's time to bring it to life and produce a sample before going to production.

Design is thinking made visual.  

As a family-owned business, we personally care and take care to understand your needs to provide the optimal solution.

  1. The brief

    The first step is one of the most crucial steps in the process as it provides the foundation for the project. In our initial meeting, our bespoke packaging design team cover important details such as product(s) to be packaged, your budget, expectations, timings, constraints, and goals as a business. This all-important meeting provides us with a solid understanding to ensure your bespoke packaging solution is a success.

  2. Concept design

    With a solid understanding of the project, our in-house team take ideas to the digital world and design a 3D packaging concept that tackles the points discussed in our initial meeting.

  3. Approval

    A plain sample order is then placed, ready for you to approve the material and construction of your new bespoke packaging solution. The 3D concept with artwork will also be shared with you at this stage for an opportunity to tweak or approve the artwork.

  4. First batch order

    Now it’s really happening. At this stage you can place your first batch order with us and reap the benefits of a brand-new bespoke packaging solution!

  5. Debrief meeting

    We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and as your packaging partner, our role doesn’t finish with the delivery of the packaging solution. A follow-up meeting will allow us to make sure your expectations have at least been met, if not exceeded.

Bespoke packaging examples

           Luxury Packaging

Bespoke luxury packaging

Exceptional products deserve exceptional packaging. With over 45 years of experience, we have the expertise to make sure your brand stands out with the right packaging solution.  Visit our dedicated luxury packaging page for more information.

Foam inserts

Bespoke stratocell inserts

Stratocell is a low cost, closed cell polyethylene foam ideal for packaging applications requiring interior cushioning protection. It is a perfect cost-effective alternative to heavier polyurethanes, one drop only polystyrene or non-cushioning corrugated fitments.

printed box

Bespoke printed cartons

We can supply printed cartons exactly to your own specification. We can print on white board, which enhances the print and guarantees a high-quality finish, mottled white and natural brown Kraft. We can print in 1, 2 and 3 colours or full colour process.

cardboard inserts

Bespoke cardboard packaging

Whether you need to ship a car bonnet or a vulnerable sensor, we are able to provide the right packaging material and solution for you including bespoke cardboard packaging. With our in-house designer, we can engineer the perfect packaging solution to ensure a safe transit of your product.

film retention

Bespoke film retention

A bespoke film membrane can help secure your products for transit. The film pulls tight to retain the product, providing a secure pack. This concept is a great replacement for products that may currently need special foam inserts for safe shipping. 

bespoke printed tape

Bespoke printed tape

Gain the recognition your brand deserves with bespoke printed tape. Specify your logo, messaging, and colours to enhances your package. Whatever your taping requirements, we can make it happen. 

Brands we've worked with

David Turner, our Account Manager, is great at suggesting ideas and solutions to our individual needs. He will come and visit us without hesitation and is always accessible.

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Bespoke packaging FAQs

  • Bespoke packaging is a custom-designed package that is unique to your brand. It provides an ideal way to your ship your goods, focusing on an efficient balance between protection and brand perception.

    There are two types of bespoke packaging. The first focuses on the structural engineering of your package, whilst the other takes care of the graphic design. From custom-printed tape, through to personalised inserts and printed cartons, bespoke packaging offers a fantastic approach to showcasing the quality of your product.

  • When dealing with unique products, bespoke packaging is essential for adequate protection. The package can be designed around the product to maximise safety and ensure end consumers are sufficiently protected.

    Bespoke solutions also help prevent wasted spend through over-packing. Where standard packaging products may offer bulky, overweight solutions, bespoke packaging can be designed to cut down on material usage and save your business money.

  • By adopting a bespoke packaging solution, your business could benefit from the following:

    • Reduced transport and material costs
    • Improved customer retention
    • Reduced damaged returns
    • Improved productivity
    • Reduced carbon footprint

  • The cost of bespoke packaging varies based on a number of factors. From product weight, size, and packaging materials used, through to business goals and industry regulations that must be adhered to. Each bespoke packaging solution must be designed to suit these factors. Therefore, a general cost cannot be given without discussion.

  • Based on the materials used, size, and weight of the package, the sustainability of a bespoke packaging solution will vary. Oversized packaging is a huge problem that creates tonnes of C)2 emission manually. So by using a bespoke solution that creates a snug fit for your product, your carbon footprint will be reduced.

  • Of course. After an initial meeting we'll work on the bespoke packaging design and render a 3D concept. We then send a plain sample box for you to approve the material and construction before the 3D concept is shared for the approval of artwork.

    Tweaks can then be made as necessary before placing a first batch order.

  • A material's texture and the printing process will always affect how your package looks. Dark materials and matte textures (like Kraft boxes) will make images and logos appear darker. While glossy will make colours seem brighter for a greater impact.

    Different materials can be utilised with this in mind to achieve the look and feel your brand is going for.