About SupaTak

The advanced SupaTak range of tapes are uniquely formulated to deliver consistent high performance in all applications.

SupaTak tapes have a high initial 'grab' which are stickier than conventional sealing tapes. This results in a versatile, super adhesive tape that will outperform all tapes in today's packaging environments.

Performance you'll want to stick with

Today's corrugated boxes include more recycled content than ever, which makes for a challenging seal due to shorter fibres.

But with SupaTak, there's no need to worry. Specifically designed for use with recycled cartons, SupaTak delivers consistent performance throughout the shipping journey.

Supatak box

Supatak comparison

The SupaTak tape range

From standard tape, through to low noise and machine-applied options, SupaTak has your taping needs covered.

Machine Packaging Tape

Our classic machine tape is a high performance packaging tape where once applied, performs well through all temperature ranges including deep freeze and is resistant to splitting, abrasion, and moisture. Available in clear and brown options with various sizes available to suit your packaging requirements.