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Swiftpak take care to understand your operations and use our expertise to design bespoke, secondary and tertiary packaging solutions that arrive on time every time.

We provide reliable and fast support day-in, day-out. Our highly personal service is designed to go the extra mile whenever and wherever you need it.

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  1. BRC and ISO certified

    We are ISO 14001:2015 and 9001:2015 certified and with our BRC certification, we guarantee compliance with food safety and high hygiene standards. Achieving this means that we have met the strict requirements set for the storage and distribution of food and food

  2. Hygienic secondary and tertiary packaging

    With over 45 years experience in food and drink packaging, we have a complete range secondary and tertiary packaging products to fulfil hygiene standards.

  3. Online account area

    The Swiftpak portal is packed full of useful features to help keep ordering fast and simple. On top of this, you get waste reports, spend reports and options to offset your paper waste in a couple of clicks.

  4. Temperature controlled packaging

    We understand the challenges in food and drink and have packaging solutions for perishable chilled or frozen products.

Our BRCGS certification

With our BRC certification we guarantee compliance with food safety and high hygiene standards. Achieving this means that we have met the strict requirements set for the storage and distribution of food and food-related packaging.

BRCGS Certified

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Some of our Food & Drink packaging solutions

Adhesive tape solutions

Machine Tape

SupaTak Machine Tape is ideal for long production runs. The tape performs well through all temperature ranges incl. deep freeze. It's resistant to splitting, abrasion and moisture.

Machine Tape

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Vegan, eco-friendly thermal liner

Vegan Thermal Liner

Are you looking for a natural, eco-friendly, temperature controlled packaging solution? With over 48 hours of stable internal temperatures, high shock absorption, and a positive CO2 balance, the Vegan Thermal Liner is ideal for shipping foods that require a controlled environment.

Vegan Thermal Liner

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Machine applied stretch wrap


With the superior stretch capability of this light-weight stretch film, less wraps are required which results in up to 75% less waste and up to 40% more productivity. The improved yield and strength of the film means less usage, resulting in up to 60% of cost savings. Perfect packaging solution for breweries.

Machine applied stretch wrap

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Bespoke solutions

Custom packaging

With bespoke food and drink packaging, you can protect your products while leaving a lasting impression of your brand. We have over 20 years experience providing bespoke packaging solutions to help increase both protection and brand awareness.

bespoke food packaging

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Temperature controlled packaging for food & drink

Reliable temperature controlled packaging is a vital component of shipping perishable products such as meal kits or the food for our beloved four-legged friends aka pet food. Frozen or chilled packaging ensures items are kept within a specific temperature range to help preserve the quality and safety of a product.

Discover how Swiftpak can support your temperature controlled packaging requirements.

Temperature controlled packaging

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FAQs: Food & drink packaging 

  • Like most industries, the types of packaging used to protect food and drink can be divided into three separate categories, which are: primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. Whilst each type is designed to tackle a unique packaging purpose, they all have one thing in common – and that’s to protect the contents of the package.

    From bottles designed to hold liquid, through to insulated liners that keep produce fresh, food and drink packaging comes in a range of shapes and sizes that offer optimum protection in various scenarios.

  • Many food and drink packaging products can be recycled, with the most common being cardboard packaging solutions. Items that can be recycled typically have waste instructions printed on the information section to help the end consumer dispose of it correctly.

    At Swiftpak, we supply bespoke packaging boxes that combine kerbside recyclability and thermal insulation. From honeycomb insulated box inserts, through to vegan thermal liners and more. Contact our team at Swiftpak today and speak to our food and drink experts for more.

  • There are several biodegradable packaging materials to use for the transportation and storage of food and drink supplies. From paper and cardboard, through to biodegradable polythene, corn starch, and even mushroom packaging. Learn more on this topic with our guide to green packaging for food and drink products.

  • Proper food and drink packaging is essential for many reasons, with the most important being health and safety. Not only does packaging protect the appearance of food and drink for display at supermarkets but must often be kept at temperature for safe consumption.

    As food items are perishable, packaging also helps to maintain the flavour, shape, and texture of the product, ensuring it arrives as expected.

  • Packaging materials used in the food and drink industry often include paper, plastics, glass, and metals. The type and volume of materials used will vary from product to product and is often swayed by the goals and requirements of the business.

    Need help with your food and drink packaging choices? Our expert team would love to help – get in touch today.

  • At the most basic level, we tend to focus on three key areas with food and drink packaging. These are: maximising the protection and preservation of food and drink, ensuring compliance with food and drink regulations, and improving efficiencies across your packaging operation. For more on the considerations of food and drink packaging, head over to our Swiftpak guide on food packaging.

  • Most food packaging regulatory systems include general safety requirements that are intended to preserve the physical, chemical and sanitary levels of the contents. However, the rules and regulations of packaging can differ across various food and drink types. For instance, shipping uncooked meat or fish will have distinct packaging regulations in comparison to pasta.

    For further information on the rules and regulations of food and drink packaging, contact our team today.

  • The most effective way to limit food and drink packaging waste starts with the 3 ‘R’s’ – Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

    By analysing the contents and materials of the package, followed by meticulous planning, and tweaking of an optimised solution, waste can be minimised to support both environmental and business goals.

    More on reducing food and drink packaging waste can be found in this helpful guide.

  • An effective food and drink packaging solution ties all the important aspects of packaging into one. This results in a package that protects and preserves well yet is sustainable and makes your brand stand out. Get in touch with our expert today and find out what an effective packaging solution could look like for your business.