Introducing the Vegan Thermal Liner

An insulating, climate neutral packaging solution for your food delivery needs.

Are you looking for a natural, temperature controlled packaging solution? If so, the Vegan Thermal Liner might be the ultimate choice for you.

With over 48 hours of stable internal temperatures, high shock absorption, and a positive CO2 balance, the Vegan Thermal Liner is ideal for shipping foods that require a controlled environment.

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General product information

  • Sustainable insulated packaging made from recycled paper waste - insulating layer is made of cellulose fibres
  • Climate neutral shipping packaging with a positive CO2 balance
  • 100% recyclability in the existing waste management system
  • Can be disposed of in paper waste as a whole
  • High insulation effect, high shock absorption
  • No additives
  • Space-saving delivery & storage
  • Flexible picking
  • Ecological and powerful alternative to Styrofoam boxes

Vegan Thermal Liner shipping systems

Insulated Box System

Consisting of 2 insulating mats and a cardboard box made from 100% recyclable materials, this Vegan Thermal shipping system can slot right into your packaging operation.

  • Available in 4 different sizes to suit your packaging needs
  • Includes 2 insulating mats and one covering box
  • The insulating mats are inserted crosswise into the box

vegan thermal liner

Insulated Pouch System

Using just a pouch and a covering box, the Insulated Pouch System gives you an efficient, high-performing solution for all types of food deliveries - whether it be frozen or fresh.

  • Available in widths of 300mm, 400mm, and 600mm
  • Length is adjustable at each width between 200mm-2000mm
  • Includes a pouch and covering box

Vegan thermal liner pouch

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