Why Swiftpak for Automotive packaging?

Swiftpak take care to understand your needs and use our expertise to design bespoke Automotive packaging solutions that arrive on time every time.

We provide reliable and fast support day-in, day-out. Our highly personal service is designed to go the extra mile whenever and wherever you need it.

  • ISO certified - 14001:2015 and 9001:2015
  • Expert knowledge - experience in packaging solutions for shipping vulnerable, luxury automotive parts
  • Online account area - portal including waste and spend report

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Some of our Automotive & Aerospace packaging solutions

Bespoke packaging solutions

Corrugated Cardboard

Swiftpak specialise in bespoke packaging solutions. Whether you need to ship a car bonnet, vulnerable hard disk or a highly sensitive sensor, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide the right packaging for you.

bespoke automotive packaging

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Protective packaging solutions

Impact Labels

Impact Labels are designed to create a permanent indication when your package takes a hit beyond a specific G-level during transit. An effective solution for protecting your highly valuable products. We stock various sensitivities, ranging from 25G up to 100G.

Impact Labels

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Rust protection solutions

VCI Paper Rolls

Volatile corrosion inhibitors actively prevents surface corrosion of your valuable products. By forming a thin, invisible layer on metal surfaces, these protective chemical compounds in the paper are an ideal solution to protect your products against corrosion or oxidation.

VCI paper rolls

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Protective packaging solutions


100% biodegradable. Vermiculite can be poured easily around objects in boxes for protection around irregular shaped items. It's absorbent, lightweight and clean, offering excellent protection against knocks, chemicals and is fireproof.

Vermiculite voidfill packaging

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Corrugate packaging solutions

UN approved cartons

To avoid invalidating the UN approval when shipping automotive and aerospace parts, UN approved cartons should be used. Provided with full certifications, UN approved cartons can be used with vermiculite to offer a complete solution for transporting goods.

UN approved cartons

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