Ordering with Swiftpak 

Looking to place an order with Swiftpak? Here you'll find the answers to all of your order-related questions.

  • If ordering a stock product, we advice to first need to open an online account with us if not done so already. You can then order from our wide range of products using the website, taking advantage of competitive prices and next day delivery.

    For bespoke products, please contact us directly. We will then discuss your needs, create samples and after approval, add the bespoke products to your online portal for easy ordering.

  • The minimum quantity of individual items that can be purchased will depend on the unit quantity set within each product pack. For example, if an adhesive tape product contains 36 units per pack, you will receive 36 individual tapes upon the minimum order quantity of 1 pack.

    Swiftpak are a wholesale packaging provider, hence unit quantities are geared towards business use.

  • If there is a bulk discount, it will show an information icon next to the price per pack/unit. This means that when multiple items or packs are ordered online, you are automatically charged the lowest applicable price for your account.

    If you don’t see a price break down but your business has substantial large packaging requirements, please get in touch to discuss best options and pricing.

  • Bespoke or custom packaging products will initially need to be discussed offline with our sector experts and packaging design team. Once a bespoke packaging product is agreed on for your business, the product will be added to your online account for easy ordering.

  • If you’re ordering on behalf of a business, of course! We ask all customers to create an online account when registering with us.

    Registering your account is super easy and provides your business with many benefits. From tracking online order history and storing delivery details, through to simple reordering, favourite products, plus so much more. Here’s more on registering an online account with Swiftpak.

Delivery processes 

Want to know more about our delivery processes such as arrival times and costing? Find out below. 

  • For our Gold delivery zone, all orders over £100 are delivered next day free of charge. Orders below this amount will attract a small order charge of £8.00. For our Silver delivery zone, an additional carriage charge may be incurred, as agreed prior to shipment. Information on delivery zones can be found here.

  • Orders are typically delivered to your business address via Swiftpak’s own fleet of trucks. Collection is not an option provided.

    If you would like an order delivered via your own courier, Swiftpak are happy to work together and make arrangements that suit you best.

  • All stock packaging products are delivered next day as standard if ordered before 3.00pm, unless otherwise agreed with customer. Any orders placed after 3.00pm will fall into the following day for next day delivery.

    In urgent cases, next day delivery after the cut off time may be possible at an extra charge.

  • Your order will in most cases be delivered via one of our Swiftpak trucks, driven by one of our dedicated drivers.

Payment queries

Want to know which payment methods we accept, or how to resolve a problem with a payment? Find the answers below. 

  • For credit accounts, please contact us directly. This will need to be approved by our accounting department.

  • Upon checking out, you will be given the choice between two payment options: ‘Pay on your account’, or ‘Pay by card’.

    Selecting ‘Pay on your account’ will add the order value to the balance of your account with the option to pay later. Pay by card can be completed with a Visa or Mastercard.

  • Invoices can be located for all orders from inside your account area. Simply visit your order history page and click on the ‘invoice’ link to bring up the invoice for any of your previous orders.

  • If you’re experiencing payment issues during checkout, please contact our team at Swiftpak. We’d be happy to look into this and do our best to resolve the problem you’re facing.

Swiftpak products

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our products below. 

  • Corrugated board has five common sizes of fluting, ‘A’, ‘B,’, ‘C’, ‘E’ and ‘F’. The letter designation refers to the order they were invented, not their relevant size.

    • A = 5mm
    • C = 4mm
    • B = 3mm
    • E = 2mm
    • F = 1mm

    flute sizing

  • Most tapes can be applied by hand or machine, but if the application requires a form of automation, the type of tape needed may change. If you’re unsure which taping solution is best suited to your operation, get in touch with our team for expert advice.

  • There are a variety of different taping solutions available for your packaging operation. Whether you need a general-purpose tape, a high strength tape, or temperature resistant tape, there’s an adhesive tape option right for you. But ultimately, it depends on packaging volumes, purpose, and shipping requirements. Speak to our team at Swiftpak for guidance on our huge tape range.

  • When looking for a cardboard box that offers the best protection, you want a box that is just about large enough to fit your product. This way, you’ll have a little room for void fill, creating a snug fit for your product once packed. If you buy as box too big, not only do you pay for more packaging materials than you need, but your product may suffer from damage during shipment due to excess space.

  • Not only do sustainable packaging products support a healthier environment for all, but also serves many benefits from a business point of view. Sustainable packaging helps to increase brand accountability, meet consumer demands, and minimise inefficiencies in both warehouse and shipping operations. A previous blog of ours explains this in greater detail.

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