In a rapidly evolving ecommerce industry, it is vital to have a trusted packaging partner to ship your valuable products. Swiftpak have over 45 years' experience in the packaging industry.  

Protective packaging for ecommerce businesses

Protective packaging is a vital component of shipping your valuable products as this is part of your customer's first impression of your product.

In today's world, the growth of your business relies on a suitable protective ecommerce solution. The optimal packaging solution will depend on your product's shape, size and weight as well as on the different shipping requirements, warehouse operations and your budget.

With over 40 years experience in the packaging industry, we know that we will be able to find the right solution for your business. Swiftpak supplies a range of ecommerce packaging solutions for various industries:

  • Boxes
  • Envelopes
  • Void fill
  • Adhesive Tapes

Some of our ecommerce packaging products

Eco-friendly Paper Wrap

Are you looking for a natural, eco-friendly, alternative to traditional bubble wrap? If so, Honeycomb Paper Wrap might be the answer you've been looking for.

Using die-cut paper technology that delivers excellent performance, our Honeycomb Paper Wrap has no impact on the environment, but a huge impact on the success of your shipments.

Protective packaging

Almost any protective packaging problem can be solved efficiently with paper padding. The Papillon machine rental is free subject to a minimum order of 10 boxes of fanfold paper per month.

We stock an extensive range of paper void fill products and machines that help protect your packaged goods from damage through in transit in an environmentally friendly way. Our paper void fill range includes fanfold black and white paper, fanfold kraft paper but also various colours such as yellow, red or green that will make your packaging stand out. 

Bespoke packaging solutions

We design bespoke ecommerce packaging solutions using multi-materials for your high value products that need personalised protection from transit to POS. We work closely alongside our customers to maximise the potential within your packaging. Using our creative design, modern manufacturing methods and processes whilst staying on top of industry trends, we ensure no corners are cut. 

Tamper-evident self-adhesive machine tape

Tired of cleaning up after gummed paper tape? We've got the perfect alternative for you. With Reinforced self adhesive paper machine tape, you'll have a cleaner work space, consistent seals to your ecommerce packages and less waste.

Some benefits include:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Is compatible with all taping machines. No need to invest in expensive water dispensers.
  • Tamper-evident seal
  • No water required. Unlike gummed paper tape, this tape doesn't need water to activate the adhesive.
  • Also available as hand held tape

Corrugated envelopes

We stock a wide range of corrugated & board envelopes for the ultimate postal protection. Our corrugated & board envelopes range includes standard and heavy-duty corrugated envelopes, as well as white and brown board mailing envelopes. Our entire corrugated & board envelope range has self-adhesive closure for increased efficiency and ease.

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Ecommerce Packaging FAQs

  • Ecommerce packaging is the packaging used to ship a product to the consumer once purchased online. It must be travel-friendly and protect the contents from any damage throughout its journey. Ecommerce packaging includes the box, as well as any infill used, plus adhesive tape and inserts. It may possibly be the first physical interaction that a customer has with your brand.

  • Ecommerce packaging can in some occasions be the first physical touchpoint a customer has with your brand, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Your ecommerce packaging has real potential to increase sales, drive customer loyalty and position your business in its desired place in the market. It can also be used to create a memorable unboxing experience that customers value highly.

  • Packaging solutions will differ from one another based on the product, business goals, and industry regulations. However, there are certain criteria that cannot be missed when it comes to creating an outstanding ecommerce package. These are, but not limited to:

    • A design that fits your brand guidelines
    • Messaging that shows brand personality
    • Recyclability/ a sustainable solution
    • Protection and cushioning for minimal shipping damage
    • Promotional inserts
  • The biggest difference between retail and ecommerce packaging is its primary purpose. Where retail packaging is designed to advertise the product from inside stores and grab the customer’s attention on the shelves, ecommerce packaging is designed to protect it through transport.

    This means that whilst both should be aesthetically pleasing and encourage your customers to make repeat purchases, ecommerce packaging should offer a lot more protection over retail solutions.

  • Typically, ecommerce packaging is manufactured from corrugated cardboard. The specific grade or strength of this cardboard will be selected based on your products and application.

  • Your ecommerce packaging can be printed in various ways. From simple one colour logos, to full high-quality images. Printing can help incorporate branding, instructions, and even useful information surrounding care, returns and more.