Made from 100% FSC-certified, die-cut kraft paper.


Compact storage

Extremely lightweight and flexible. Store up to 250m of paper wrap on a single roll.

quick and easy

Quick & easy to use

Protect your product in 3 simple steps for an efficient wrap each time.

Introducing the Honeycomb Paper Wrap

A protective wrapping system for all your packaging needs.

Are you looking for a natural, alternative to traditional bubble wrap? If so, Honeycomb Paper Wrap might be the answer you've been looking for.

Using die-cut paper technology that delivers excellent performance, our Honeycomb Paper Wrap has no impact on the environment, but a huge impact on the success of your shipments.

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Wrap & protect your items in 3 simple steps


Paper wrap step 1

Pull the wrap apart and place the object on top of the Honeycomb Paper Wrap.


Paper wrap step 2

Stretch the wrap out so that the structure of the paper is vertical. Then wrap the object while maintaining this tension.


Paper wrap step 3

Once finished wrapping, tear off the paper to disconnect from the roll. The wrap will now hold its shape and protect your object from external damage.

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