Why Swiftpak for luxury packaging?

Luxury is evoked by a perception of quality, authenticity, and exclusivity, all of which define the experience we deliver through packaging.

Packaging can aid to make your product stand out and leave a lasting impression of refinement and style.

From memorable design, through to prototype and quality sample, Swiftpak is here to advise and guide you through every stage of the luxury packaging process, ensuring your brief turns into a distinguished reality.

  1. The brief

    The first step is one of the most crucial steps in the process as it provides the foundation for the project. In our initial meeting, we cover important details such as product(s) to be packaged, your budget, expectations, timings, constraints, and goals as a business. This all-important meeting provides us with a solid understanding of your project to turn it into a success.

  2. Concept design & approval

    With a solid understanding of the project, we take our ideas to the digital world, where we design and render a 3D concept that tackles the points discussed in our initial meeting. This helps you, along with our team, align ideas and avoid the lengthy time frames that come with producing traditional samples.

    The digital concept is then reviewed by yourself where tweaks can be suggested before final approval.

  3. Real-life sample

    Here is where your presentational packaging really comes to life. A sample order is placed, ready to be tested and approved. Once the sample is received, this presents the opportunity to touch and feel the packaging in real-life. Your sample will run through its final stages of testing to ensure requirements are met prior to approval.

  4. First batch order

    Now it’s really happening. At this stage you can place your first batch order with us and reap the benefits of a brand-new luxury packaging solution!

  5. Follow up meeting

    We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and as your packaging partner, our role doesn’t finish with the delivery of the packaging solution. A follow-up meeting will allow us to make sure your expectations have at least been met, if not exceeded.

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