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They are an award-winning, plant-based gelato company that deliver straight to your door. With quality and simplicity at the heart of their mission, every business decision this company makes is driven by their need for sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint as well as making simply delicious ice creams.

“I would strongly recommend their service and commitment to looking after our interests. The new vegan liner is working extremely well for us.”


The ice cream company came to Swiftpak trying to achieve thermal performance without lots of waste.

For an ice cream company, keeping their product frozen is of paramount importance. The company had tried multiple temperature-controlled packaging solutions but they either did not perform and the ice cream melted or were not sustainable.

For example, the company was originally trying to use polystyrene boxes to try and achieve thermal performance but this seemed to result in a lot of waste being created. They also tried out an extended trial with wool liners, but this was also an issue because the smell was putting off some of their customers and their vegan customers didn’t appreciate the company using animal products.

Swiftpak's Vegan Liner was a big tick

This is when Swiftpak’s Food & Drink packaging experts came to the rescue. Knowing the industry well, they understood the importance of finding the right balance between sustainability and performance. Having helped many other food companies, the perfect solution was found quickly – Swiftpak’s new Vegan Thermal Liner.

The new Vegan Thermal Liner was a big tick for this ice cream company because the liner can go straight into the kerbside paper recycling without the consumer having to separate to recycle or be incentivised to return the liners. It is also made from 100% recycled materials with no animal products used and even better with a positive CO2 balance verified by more than 1000 climate tests in internal and external laboratories. This made the vegan liner ideal for the ice cream company’s customers as it carried no smell, uses zero animal products and outperformed all competing solutions in both frozen and fresh shipping conditions.

Thermal Liner Graph

Benchmark Test

As you can see in the graph, our vegan thermal liner (in green) achieves over 48 hours of stable internal temperatures compared to alternatives.

Thanks to Swiftpak’s help, the ice cream company retained both their non-vegan & vegan customers, whilst also meeting their sustainability goals - and most importantly - keeping their ice cream at the right temperature throughout.

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