About the client

Abcam, the leading supplier of protein research tools to life scientists, recognized the pressing need to become more sustainable. As part of their transformational journey to become more sustainable, they recognized that they were producing 8,280 kilos of plastic waste per year to ship vials safely. The plastic used was PVC plastic and not widely recycled, so in most cases would end up in general waste.

"Swiftpak's vial holder solution has been a huge breakthrough with the recyclability, modern design and flexibility to adapt to our packaging needs."

Marc Glen | Head of Logistics UK/EMEA

A Partnership

To address this issue, Abcam partnered with Swiftpak, a B-Corp certified packaging expert. Swiftpak's Head of Innovation, Craig Allen, created a new, innovative packaging solution prioritizing recyclability while maintaining protective qualities.

Thanks to this collaboration, Abcam was able to eliminate 8 tonnes of plastic annually and reducing overall weight to 6,480 kilos of paper per year. The new solution is 100% recyclable and can directly go into paper recycling after use. In addition, the versatile design allows for safe transportation of multiple different sized vials, streamlining packaging operations and driving efficiency.

Everlasting Impact

Removal of 8,280 kilos (23g x 360k units) of PVC plastic per year that is not widely recycled.

The new packaging solution produces 6,480 kilos (18g x 360k units) of paper that can directly go into paper recycling after use.

Although it may seem like a small box, its impact accumulates over time to make a significant difference.