About the client

This UK-based online store offers a premier selection of discounted fragrances and beauty products from renowned luxury brands like Hugo Boss, Gucci, Armani, Paco Rabanne, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Jimmy Choo, and more. With a customer-focused approach, the satisfaction of their customers is prioritized by providing top-quality products. 

"A bespoke solution that solved all problems in one 'simple' box."

The Project

The Challenge

Looking to launch a new line in giftboxes Direct perfumes came to Swiftpak looking for a packaging partner that would enable them to combine exquisite presentational packaging with protective features for their fragile products. Their main product line is perfume in glass bottles. This meant that not only did the gift packaging have to look upmarket, but it also had to protect against damages.

The Solution

Working with our internal packaging design team, Swiftpak was able to create a perfect solution to solve both problems for Perfume Direct. After a quick turnaround time, Perfume Direct were able to successfully launch their new line, whilst keeping up to date with orders and offering fast delivery to keep up with demand. The effectiveness of the new packaging solution has allowed Perfume Direct to reduce damages and increase positive feedback from customers.

Perfume direct gift box