Protective Packaging

How protective packaging can help combat food & drink waste

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We’re all aware that food and drink waste is a huge issue across the world. To put things into perspective, an estimated 88 million tonnes of food is wasted in EU countries every year. This is expected to reach around 126m tonnes by the end of 2020 if no further action is taken.

There are several ways you can reduce food and drink waste in your day-to-day lives. From measuring portions, to checking your fridge temperature and freezing your 5-a-day. But what can be done by businesses and online grocery stores to help reduce these astonishing statistics?

The implementation of well-designed, protective food and drink packaging solutions.

With the right packaging solution in place, food and drink goods are less likely to suffer from both impact and environmental damage during storage and transit. In turn, this decreases the need to dispose of damaged food and drink products, helping combat the worlds obvious problem with waste.

Packaging plays a very important role in preventing damage and spoilage at retail and at home in several ways, including:

  • Physical protection to prevent damage from knocks and bumps during transit
  • Security features to prevent tampering
  • Temperature control solutions to delay spoilage
  • Packaging that encourages the sale of food and drink

With that said, let’s explore packaging solutions we offer at Swiftpak to help customers protect their food and drink products during transit.

Bespoke food and drink packaging

Food and drink products must be protected properly. Due to their delicate nature and perishable state, food and drink goods must be packaged with absolute care and attention. This often requires the need for bespoke packaging solutions.

At Swiftpak, we design bespoke packaging solutions for food and drink products that require tailored protection. Our custom food and drink packaging not only protects your products, but leaves a lasting impression on your brand. We have over 40 years’ experience proving bespoke packaging solutions to increase both protection and brand awareness. Our bespoke solutions often include tamper evident and temperature control features to ensure you products arrive as expected.

Some food and drink products require temperature-controlled solutions to prevent them from going off quickly. Such as recipe boxes which are becoming more popular. PLA packaging is perfect for this. Choose between PLA insulation felt, insulation zip pouches, with or without a flap, and PLA zipper bags. All PLA packaging products are 100% biodegradable and provide superior temperature-control. For an in-depth guide on PLA packaging, the products and their uses, take a look at our ultimate guide to PLA packaging.

T-Net protective sleeving

T-Net sleeving offers protection for awkwardly shaped products. For example, bottles of wine, gin, and other glass products can benefit from a flexible mesh sleeving designed to absorb impacts during transit. T-Net protective sleeving is available in a variety of colours/sizes and is manufactured from polyethylene making it resistant to oil and grease. This protective packaging solution is low cost, quick to apply, and easy to store. If you’re looking to protect beverages stored in fragile bottles, T-Net sleeving is for you. 

Alternatively, if you're looking for a more sustainable solution, contact us today. We offer a variety of paper-based protective solutions for your food and drink products.

To conclude

There are many ways of packaging food and drink products to ensure both protection through transit and to help combat the worlds waste problem. For the optimal packaging solution, it’s best to seek advice from an experienced packaging supplier. This will provide your product with the protection needed. If you’re looking for a packaging expert to deliver protection for your food and drink products, speak with an expert at Swiftpak today, we’d love to show you what we could do for your business.