Introducing PLA Packaging,
A sustainable solution

PLA stands for Polylactic Acid, and is commonly known as corn plastic. It's produced under controlled conditions using renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane.

PLA packaging products can be fully degraded into carbon dioxide and water after composting without environmental pollution. Want to see how PLA compares to other thermal insulates? Read our thermal insulates comparison blog here.

Swiftpak offers a variety of PLA packaging products for the food and pharmaceutical industries who require safe, temperature-controlled shipping.

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Reduced carbon emissions with PLA

Reducing your carbon footprint is easy with PLA packaging. The manufacturing process of PLA emits fewer greenhouse gases than other frequently used plastics. In fact, with carbon dioxide consumed during the growth of corn, net greenhouse emissions of PLA can even be considered negative. 

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PLA packaging products from Swiftpak

PLA packaging

Insulation Felt with film

Primarily used to keep food products cool during transit. The flexibility of PLA insulation felt allows for adjustment to fit with most carton sizes and is 100% biodegradable.

Insulation Felt with film

PLA packaging

Insulation Zip Pouch

The PLA insulation zip pouch is not only 100% biodegradable, it provides the maximum balance between performance, handling, cost and provides extra value for businesses with high production lines.

Insulation Zip Pouch

PLA packaging

Insulation Pouch with flap

The strong, uniformed structure of PLA insulation pouches guarantees strong heat preservation, while preventing condensed water from escaping. 

Insulation Pouch with flap

PLA packaging


A biodegradable zipper and zipper head with stable quality and performance. It’s a key component for zip bags or as a biodegradable closure mechanism for creating a fully biodegradable packaging product.


PLA Zipper

PLA packaging

Zipper Bag

A convenient and biodegradable PLA Zipper Bag secured with a strong resealable zipper to help keep products fresh.

PLA Zipper Bag

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