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In an ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry, it is vital to have a trusted packaging partner to ship your highly sensitive products. Swiftpak have over 40 years' experience in the pharmaceutical, biopharma and medical industry.  

Insulated Medical, Biopharma & Biotech Solutions

Robust temperature controlled packaging is a vital component of shipping highly sensitive products such as vaccines or drugs. Frozen or chilled packaging ensures items are kept within a specific temperature range to help preserve the quality and safety of a product.

Temperature controlled packaging is frequently used to complement, and in some cases, substitute the need for temperature controlled logistics.

Swiftpak supplies a range of temperature controlled packaging solutions for the biopharma & biotech industry in any temperature range

  • Deep-frozen
  • Frozen
  • Chilled
  • Room temperature

Temperature controlled packaging products for pharmaceuticals, biopharma & biotech

Thermal Insulation

Polystyrene EPS boxes

Moulded Foam EPS boxes that provide excellent thermal performance for temperature sensitive items in the pharmaceutical, medical and biopharma industry.

Polystyrene temperature controlled packaging

Polystyrene is an effective thermal insulator because it contains small, trapped air bubbles, meaning heat energy cannot pass through. This makes polystyrene EPS boxes a reliable form of temperature-controlled packaging for the pharmaceutical and biopharma industry that relies on their chemicals remaining stable without any temperature changes during transit.

Made from the hygienic material expanded polystyrene (EPS), these boxes are ideally suited for the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Largely used to safely transport a range of products from temperature sensitive vaccines to transplant organs, the EPS boxes are lightweight and robust. Pharmaceutical businesses can rely on moulded foam to provide the performance needed to meet their temperature and control requirements.

Innovative Bioplastic

PLA chilled packaging

Keep the temperature of an internal product around 4 degrees Celsius at an average room temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius for up to 30 hours.

Sterile temperature controlled packaging

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is produced under controlled conditions using renewable sources such as corn starch or sugarcane. PLA is an innovative bioplastic that has thermal insulating properties and is eco-friendly. These packaging products can be fully degraded into carbon dioxide and water after composting, without any environmental pollution.

PLA temperature controlled packaging is important for pharmaceutical industries that need well-insulated, hygienic packaging to be able to transport highly sensitive medical products. Through the temperature stability of PLA biopharma companies can feel assured that their highly sensitive products will remain at the same composition once it reaches its destination.

Swiftpak offer a variety of different PLA temperature controlled packaging solutions

Eco-friendly Insulation

Insulated Box Liners

Made from renewable plant-based components and paper, this solution provides excellent temperature control for sensitive biopharma or pharmaceutical products.

Green temperature controlled packaging

This curbside recyclable solution proved excellent thermal protection as well as protection from shock, making it the perfect insulator for pharmaceutical products. It is OCC-E certified curbside recyclable with its primary material being kraft paper and is also certified repulpable by Western Michigan University’s Pilot Plants Programme.

By switching to this solution, you can be replacing unsustainable insulators such as Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene as it performs just as well, whilst also varying in thickness. These box liners ship and store flat until ready to be used, saving your company on costs and storage space.


Dry Ice

Dry ice is one of the preferred cooling agents used in many pharmaceutical and biopharma companies due to its many benefits.

Reliable temperature controlled packaging

Dry ice is ideal for transportation of sensitive pharmaceutical and biopharma products as it inhibits the growth or decline of certain biological products and it sublimates without leaving any residue or waste. Dry Ice is a solid carbon dioxide (CO2) that can go from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid phase. Dry ice is commonly used for shipping sensitive pharmaceutical products such as vaccines due to its reliability in temperature stability.


Gel packs

Ensure your pharmaceutical & biopharma products are transported in a temperature-controlled manner, keeping chemicals stable and within the required temperature.

Reusable temperature controlled packaging

This products quality meets the highest industry standards being made from high-quality components, as well as being durable and reusable.

  • No Sweat Gel Packs keep your moisture and temperature sensitive products dry and chilled with its non-woven out layer reducing condensation. Available in a variety of sizes and weights.
  •  Eco Friendly Gel Packs are made from Kraft paper so when disposed of through the normal waste stream they produce less pollution than the normal variety. The outside of the kraft paper absorbs some of the condense which appears while warming up, keeping your product dryer than normal gel packs. Also available in a variety of sizes and weights.
  • Segmented Gel packs are designed to better cover your products and produced to ensure conditioned transportation of your products. Available in different sizes, weights, and types of foil.
Temperature Indicators

Temperature Indicators

Monitor the temperature of pharmaceutical, biopharma and medical goods during transit with temperature indicators.

Monitor temperature controlled packaging

Tested in a lab environment, temperature indicators are cost-effective and simple to use. Our temperature indicators are designed to monitor temperature and alert you if your biopharma or medical supplies have been exposed to unacceptable temperatures by turning bright red in colour.

Some benefits include:

  • They can be shipped and stored under most conditions
  • Delivers clear results
  • Has the highest accuracy on the market for indicator technology

Our range of temperature indicators can be used to monitor medical test kits deep frozen below -18C as well as temperatures between -3 Celsius and +10 Celsius. Both deliver clear results.

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