Temperature Controlled Packaging

The importance of temperature controlled packaging for pharmaceutical products

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The pharmaceutical and medical business is a mega, billion-pound industry that relies on cutting edge technology, extraordinary science, and research from some of the sharpest minds across the world. Often, the final step to supplying effective pharmaceuticals is handed over to the packaging industry, and the need for temperature controlled packaging is called upon.

But what exactly is temperature controlled packaging and why is it so important for pharmaceuticals?

What is temperature controlled packaging?

Temperature controlled packaging (also known as “chilled packaging”, or “cold chain logistics”) is a key aspect of shipping sensitive products. When used correctly, temperature controlled packaging ensures items are kept within a specific temperature range to help preserve the quality of a product.

Temperature controlled packaging is frequently used to complement, and in some cases, substitute the need for temperature controlled logistics.

When it comes to maintaining the temperature of products, there are several types of materials used:

  • Insulating materials - PLA thermal insulates, Styrofoam, Wool, textiles, or cardboard structures.
  • Phase change materials – Dry ice or refrigerant gel packs.
  • Heating materials - Induction drum heaters or powered heating blankets.

Ensure product integrity

Without pharmaceutical temperature controlled packaging, many medical products would reach their destination spoiled, and simply unusable. This would cause life-threatening situations for many. While it’s super important to ensure temperatures are kept within regulation, pharmaceuticals must be kept clean too - Sterile and pharmaceutical temperature controlled packaging must work hand-in-hand.

Take a medication such as insulin for example – Diabetics rely on this to help control their blood sugars, essentially keeping them alive. Many forms of insulin require refrigeration, and changes in temperature can lessen the effectiveness of the product. Therefore, without proper temperature controlled packaging, this medication would not arrive at the patient’s home in a usable condition.

Put simply, temperature controlled packaging is responsible for preserving both the quality and effectiveness of drugs/ medicines around the world.

Meet industry standards and regulations

Companies operating within the pharmaceutical and medical supply chain must be aware of the latest standards and regulations. Due to the complexity of transporting sensitive drugs and medicines, keeping up to date can be quite daunting, but is super important.

For the UE, the Directive 2001/83/EC contains the legal documents with regards to governing the production, distribution and use of medicinal products. In here, you’ll find all the necessary information needed when it comes to meeting industry regulations.

In some situations, temperature controlled packaging can be used effectively to meet these industry standards and regulations, ensuring your business stays complaint. If you’d like to find out if this is a viable option for your requirements, contact our packaging experts today.

Save in costs

As previously mentioned, in some situations, temperature controlled packaging can be used in replacement of chilled logistics (cooled trucks). Renting, or running a cooled truck to deliver your product over a long distance can cost a lot of money. By utilising temperature controlled packaging for pharmaceuticals, you can achieve identical results without braking the bank.

Additionally, as proper temperature controlled packaging ensures your product does not spoil, you won’t be left needing to pay for any replacements.

To conclude

With over 20 years of packaging experience at Swiftpak, we have the industry knowledge needed to suggest and supply the optimal temperature controlled packaging solution for your requirements. For more information on temperature controlled packaging for pharmaceuticals, or if you’d like to find out how Swiftpak could revolutionise your packaging operation, contact us today. We’d love to support you.

You can also view our solution page to learn more about temperature controlled packaging for pharmaceuticals and how Swiftpak can help you.