Temperature Solutions for Life Science

Blood, medicine and vaccines can be susceptible to temperature damage in the cold chain. With an increasing growth in the number of temperature-controlled healthcare products being shipped, it’s never been more important for pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories to monitor their shipments.



The knowledge that cargo is actively being monitored deters bad handling behaviour by supply chain participants.



Connected monitoring enables real-time damage detection so costs are minimized, and responsible parties are held accountable.



Analytics provided by shipment monitoring enable the diagnosis and elimination of pain points within the supply chain.



A single-use, ascending time-temperature indicator which alerts users to cumulative time of the exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions. The indicator is field armable with pull tab.

  • Temperature accuracy of ±2°F
  • Provides evidence of temperature rising above threshold
  • Wide range of temperature thresholds to suit individual requirements

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Descending, single-use temperature indicator that provides accurate, irreversible evidence if a product has experienced unacceptably low temperatures. The indicator turns from white to magenta when the temperature goes below a predetermined threshold of 0°C / 32°F or 2°C / 36°F. 

  • Cost effective solution that enables simple accept / reject decisions to be made
  • Distinct colour change when temperature has fallen below threshold
  • Provides evidence if the cold chain has been maintained

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FCP temperature monitor

FCP Descending Temperature Indicator

Provides a clear visual indication that products have been exposed to descending temperatures with irreversible colour change from green to red.

  • Accuracy independently verified at +1°C
  • Designed for easy adherence to any product
  • Environmentally safe with no toxic chemicals

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Looking for bespoke Temperature Monitoring solutions?

We can provide custom products that monitor the temperatures in transit you require. Get in touch with our expert team at Swiftpak today.

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