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Packaging tips for the Pharmaceutical & Chemical industry

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When it comes to packaging, there are many hurdles the pharmaceutical and chemical industry have to overcome. There’s sustainability, health and safety requirements, labelling, UK laws and lots more to think about. Discover our top packaging tips for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry.

Damage prevention for pharmaceutical products

Yes, damage prevention is important for all goods, in all industries. However, for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, preventing damages is key. Why? Highly sensitive medical and hazardous products need extra attention due to the health and safety risks they bring.

Paper Void Fill

Paper Void Fill has proven to be an effective damage prevention solution when sending  small to medium-sized goods to its destination. By creating a soft and flexible paper cushion between your goods, paper void fill can efficiently solve almost any damage problems. The Paperplus Papillon Machine shines in the pharmaceutical industry due to the flexibility of the padding it creates. This paper padding solution doesn’t only provide effective protection to your products, it’s 100% recyclable. Meaning you can protect your products as well as the environment. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Tamper-evident packaging for pharmaceutical products

Why should you consider tamper-evident packaging? For the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, it shouldn’t be a consideration – it’s a must have. With the constant threat of counterfeit, tamper-evident packaging solutions provide safety and security for your consumers. With patient safety risks standing tall you can’t ignore tamper-evident packaging as otherwise you could be putting consumers at risk of receiving falsified products.

Not by any means does implementing a tamper-evident solution bring this illegal activity to a complete stop. However, it certainly helps deter it. With the physical evidence these solutions bring to the pharmaceutical industry, you can help protect your consumers as well as your products.

Tamper-evident tapes

A very cost-effective way of discouraging the altering of pharmaceutical products is Gummed Paper Tape. When activated with water, this tape penetrates the liner of the carton, creating an extremely strong seal – so strong the package is ripped away in the attempt of peeling it back. And, being made from natural resources, Gummed Paper Tape is another 100% recyclable solution.

Although Gummed Paper Tape is a great recyclable solution, activating the product using water can become quite messy and requires an expensive dispenser. An even better solution than Gummed Paper Tape is: Reinforced Self Adhesive Paper Machine Tape. It’s 100% recyclable, provides a consistent seal to your package and has added strength. On top of this, it can be used with any taping machine, meaning there’s no need for a big investment in machinery.

Where Reinforced Self Adhesive Paper Machine Tape really excels in the pharmaceutical industry is the cleanliness. Where no water is required to activate the adhesive, this taping solution is perfect for sterile environments.

If your business needs a sterile, recyclable and strong tamper-evident taping solution, contact Swiftpak today – We’re the first UK suppliers!

Contamination protection for pharmaceutical products

In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, keeping a sterile environment is essential when minimising the chances of contamination, and when it comes to packaging materials, some products can bring more of a contamination risk than others.

Sterile tape solution

In sterile environments, Zerotape 500 provides an unrivalled solution due to its plastic core. With zero risk of losing natural fibres, this sterile tape solution is perfect for keeping a clean working space. On top of this, Zerotape 500 is suitable for refrigeration and is stronger than conventional tapes.

Pharmaceutical packaging experts

With 40 years of experience, Swiftpak understand the importance of protection, security and regulations in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. They provide a highly personal service to exceed customer satisfaction and design and manufacture bespoke packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

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