About the client

The client manufactures a variety of sensitive laboratory equipment such as freezers, ovens, incubators, fume hoods, pumps, mills, grinders, and ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

The challenge: a high rate of internal supply chain damage 

This major laboratory equipment manufacturer was experiencing a high rate of internal supply chain damage to unsold product that was being transferred from their manufacturing plant to their distribution warehouse.

The company needed a cost-effective solution that could track individual product damage and alert supply chain managers of the damage before the product moves further along in the supply chain.

ShockWatch RFID

The challenge was solved with ShockWatch RFID Indicators

The manufacturing company already had standard UHF RFID readers positioned at each dock door. To complete their setup, all they needed to do was configure their readers to read the “impact event” that could be signalled from an activated ShockWatch RFID unit. (ShockWatch RFID can replace existing UHF RFID tags used for inventory control).

ShockWatch RFID is affixed to the packaging of all sensitive or fragile laboratory equipment in the company’s supply chain, before it leaves the manufacturing facility.  a product is dropped or receives a potentially damaging impact, the window on the ShockWatch RFID unit turns red and the “impact event” code in the RFID tag is triggered. 

As the damaged product is loaded on to the truck and passes by the RFID readers at the dock doors, the “impact event” associated with the specific product is automatically entered into the company’s warehouse management system. Following this, any potentially damaged product is pulled for inspection by quality assurance.

To summarise, on top of quickly identifying damaged goods without inspection, the company noticed a shift in behaviour from supply chain workers. This was because ShockWatch RFID acted as a visual deterrent for unacceptable handling and assigned accountability for supply chain damage.

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