Temperature Controlled Packaging

4 best practices to improve your temperature controlled packaging solution

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When it comes to ensuring businesses can regulate temperatures and preserve the quality of their products during delivery, temperature controlled packaging is key for many food and pharmaceutical companies.

If not implemented correctly, climate conditions required won’t be achieved, which can spoil the product in question and so it can even become hazardous as a result.

To ensure your food or pharmaceutical products are packaged and protected correctly during shipment, we’ve put together a list of temperature controlled packaging best practices that you should follow.

1. Know your dimensions and package accordingly

As with any shipment, the dimensions of your product are important. Using accurate measurements, such as length, width, and height, you can ensure the best fit temperature controlled packaging is selected.

As a general tip, if your product can fit in a smaller or more compact solution, do it. But, for the very best outcome, be sure to contact a bespoke packaging specialist. This will help you achieve an effective and reliable solution which is imperative for temperature sensitive products.

2. Ensure you have sufficient insulation

After finding a suitable container for your temperature controlled packaging solution, you need to find a sufficient insulating material. Insulation can come in several different forms such as pre-lined boxes, liners, pads and filler.

You’ll want to compare the variety of price points, claimed holding temperatures over a set time period, as well as the sustainability of your temperature controlled packaging options. But ultimately, the goal of insulation is to keep your temperature sensitive products fresh and free from damage.

At Swiftpak, our new Vegan Thermal Liner is ideal for fresh and frozen food deliveries. With a positive CO2 balance, 100% recyclability, and unrivalled performance, it’s the obvious choice for businesses that want a natural, eco-friendly packaging solution.

temperature controlled packaging

3. Keep an eye on the temperature

If you require basic temperature monitoring, temperature sensitive stickers can be applied to your package. This is an extremely cost-efficient way to both track and provide evidence of correct temperatures during shipment. So, should your package rise above the requisite temperature, you’ll be visibly notified and can then take necessary action.

If your business is pre-packing and storing goods before transit though, you may want to consider temperature data loggers which monitor the temperature of your goods over time. You could also invest in GPS and wireless temperature tracking systems for high volume shipping.

4. Think about the entire supply chain

When looking for a suitable temperature controlled packaging solution, it’s important to think about each element in the supply chain.

Ensuring your product remains at the necessary temperature in your warehouse, while being prepared for loading, during transportation, and at its final destination is crucial - these are known as the critical touchpoints.

Temperature controlled packaging from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we provide an extensive range of temperature controlled packaging for perishable and temperature sensitive products. Paired with over 40 years’ experience, our packaging experts have the knowledge needed to provide the right solution that works with your business and product. If you require a temperature controlled packaging solution, reach out and contact our friendly team at Swiftpak today.