About the client

They're are a global specialist in the manufacture and supply of temperature and process control instrumentation such as loop controllers, temperature recorders and data loggers. They provide a comprehensive range of innovative products for process control and automation through its leading brands; CAL, Partlow, PMA and West Instruments.

"David Turner, our Account Manager, is great at suggesting ideas and solutions to our individual needs. He will come and visit us without hesitation and is always accessible."


A safe transit with Swiftpak’s packaging solutions

The clients’ products are designed to deliver accuracy, stability, reliability and quality, making them particularly suitable for applications requiring high levels of precision. As these products are highly sensitive it is essential to have the right protective packaging.

Precision engineering

A personal service they count on

Swiftpak cooperates closely with this client to create the needed packaging to keep the quality of their products intact during transit. In over 10 years of working together, Swiftpak consistently assists with new designs at a competitive price and also ensures their supply chain is in good order.

Swiftpak has proven to be flexible to our needs for over 10 years and is always willing to help with any issues we may encounter.


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