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3 packaging fundamentals for ecommerce packaging

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Since the beginning of COVID-19, the commerce sector saw a dramatic rise in its share of all retail sales, from 16 percent to 19 percent in 2020. (report published by UNCTAD – 3rd May). While the impact on traditional retail sales saw a huge fall of up to 22% across various sectors.

With this quick surge in the demand and use for ecommerce, as well as many shops having to shut due to lockdown, many businesses were forced to adapt quickly and take their ecommerce situation to the next level.

But ecommerce goes far beyond an online experience, the product must reach its final destination for the customer to receive, and this all depends on delivery with ecommerce packaging.

So, is your ecommerce packaging up to scratch as a business? Will it give a good first impression? Or will it fail to protect the product inside and result in an unhappy customer? Let’s help you avoid the later.

Here are three fundamentals for your ecommerce packaging that your brand and customers deserve.

1. Brand your ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce packaging wouldn’t be ecommerce packaging without making your brand stand out. Use colourful graphics, logos, labels, and text that make consumers remember who you are and what you do.

It’s the first rule of ecommerce packaging.

If you want to make your ecommerce packaging super effective though, it’s got to be more than just a pretty box.

When exploring the possibilities of your packaging design, it’s important to think of ways to make the experience exciting for your customers. How can you create a sense of anticipation? Are there any small touches you can add? Can you make the experience unique and fun? It’s about being innovative.

Perhaps you want to consider scented packaging? Or a way your consumers can re-use the packaging for something more practical afterwards? Take a look at this example from Joolz. A package that can be turned into a piece of furniture! Although it can’t be very comfy, it’s certainly memorable.

P.s if you’re looking for comfy office furniture, our sister company Haiken is highly recommended.

2. Explore eco-friendly packaging for ecommerce

It’s no surprise that today’s consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious. Don’t just take our word for it, a survey conducted by Futerra shows 88% of 1000 respondents would like brands to help them become more environmentally friendly in their daily lives.

When it comes to optimising your ecommerce packaging for maximum eco-friendliness, the first place to look is with the reduction of material usage. But most importantly, cutting down on material usage without compromising the protective elements.

You can also look towards using sustainable packaging materials, if you’re not already. This involves the adoption of cardboard, with the elimination of plastics.

Another way to provide a more eco-friendly package is by including clear instructions for disposal on what can (and should be) recycled. After all, 56% of Brits are generally unsure what can and can’t be recycled. So, by displaying clear instructions, your customers will know exactly what to do.

3. Minimise returns with protective ecommerce packaging

It’s all good having a well-branded, innovative, and eco-friendly ecommerce packaging solution, but what if it doesn’t do its number one job – to protect the contents.

Above all, your ecommerce packaging should ensure the contents is safe, free from any damage, and at minimal risk of unauthorised access.

Thankfully, there are a number of protective packaging solutions that can help you achieve a secure, worry-free ecommerce package every time.

Ecommerce packaging solutions from Swiftpak

In a rapidly evolving ecommerce industry, it’s vital to have a trusted packaging partner that will help ship your valuable products. At Swiftpak, we have over 40 years’ experience in the packaging industry, and have worked with many ecommerce brands along the way to provide the very best solutions. Our in-house packaging design team work closely alongside you and your brand to capture your personality and values, which is showcased in our ecommerce packaging concepts.

If you’d like to discuss your ecommerce packaging with an expert, or just want to say hi, contact our team at Swiftpak today – we’re always happy to help.