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5 ecommerce packaging mistakes (& how to avoid)

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Ecommerce is one of the most flourishing and profitable business models in today’s world, especially due to the shift in consumer behaviour following COVID-19.

In fact, the ecommerce marketplace has (and will continue to) grow by roughly 25% year on year.

Simply put, the convenience of having products delivered to our doorsteps is now expected – and this means that businesses must solve any ecommerce challenges with urgency. Otherwise, they risk hurting their brand’s image and long-term success.

One of these problems is packaging.

When left as an afterthought, packaging can lead to significant problems, such as shortfalls in revenue, costly returns, and unhappy customers.  

Read on as we explore 5 ecommerce packaging mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Over/under packing your ecommerce package

50% of online shoppers will switch to another brand if they receive damaged goods, so it’s no surprise that some businesses take a step too far when it comes to cushioning their product. Over packing is a big issue in ecommerce, purely due to the fact many don’t realise it is even a problem in the first place.

Not only does over packing cost your business more in materials but can actually increase the risk of breakages when shipping fragile products. Stuffing a box with too much void fill will increase the pressure inside, potentially cracking, or breaking sensitive or weak components.

Of course, there is the issue with under packing too. Not enough cushioning will leave your product susceptible to damage from knocks, bumps, and thumps in transit. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the right amount of packaging required to ship your products safely and efficiently.

To achieve this, working with a bespoke packaging specialist will give you everything you need. At Swiftpak, we work alongside many ecommerce companies to analyse, design, and test bespoke packaging solutions. With over 45 years’ experience in the packaging industry, we know what’s involved in creating the ideal ecommerce package for you. Get in touch with our experts today and find out what we can do for your business.

2. Using cheap or low-quality materials

Typically, ecommerce sellers take the most cost-effective route with their packaging supplies. At least, that’s their aim. However, what they often tend not to realise is that cheap does not mean cost-effective. Whilst cheap packaging products may seem a good idea at first, their low-quality materials will almost always result in further costs down the line.

Low-quality packaging is extremely likely to get damaged in transit, which causes obvious problems. The product inside could then become damaged, or even worse, missing.

Using quality ecommerce packaging supplies will reduce the risk of delivering damaged items to customers. So, make sure to not to base your decisions solely on price – you’ll only end up tarnishing your brand image.

3. A lack of branding

Using logos, messaging and colours on your ecommerce packaging is an easy way to increase brand awareness. Even if you include a simple custom label or branded packaging tape, it can help spread reach to your audience.

Many businesses underestimate the power of reinforcing their brand image. By inserting custom messaging, free samples, or promotional inserts alongside a strong branded package, you’ll create an unboxing experience that customers will remember.

Ecommerce Packaging box

4. Underestimating the importance of sustainability

Given the widespread awareness and interest in sustainable solutions, it is now more important than never to leverage recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable packaging products.

Consumers receiving packages that are made from unsustainable materials can lead to them being put off from making a repeat purchase. What’s worse? They could even decide to leave a negative review.

When possible, be sure to make good use of sustainable packaging products. You’ll build brand trust, reinforce company values, and be playing your part to a greener future for all.

5. Insufficient packaging process

Storage, packing times, and the overall process of your packaging can play a huge part in the profitability of an ecommerce business. If packaging is unorganised, hard to find, and involves too many steps, then valuable time is simply being wasted.

Because of this, it’s extremely important to focus on the packaging process from start to finish. Think about storage – are the boxes I use most easy to find and prepare for packing? And what about the packing process itself? Could you benefit from reducing the steps needed to create a ready package?

For example, Crashlock boxes require no tape and ‘click’ into place to seal. This eliminates a step in the typical packing process for a quicker turnaround.

Think about it, the fewer steps involved the easier it becomes to pack more efficiently.

Ecommerce packaging solutions from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we have over 45 years’ experience working with brands to create ecommerce packaging that creates a positive customer experience. Our solutions are designed specifically to meet your needs as a business and offer maximum protection for your products during shipment.

If you’re looking to take your ecommerce efforts to the next level, our packaging experts would love to hear from you. We’re standing by to answer any questions you have and look forward to creating a solution your product deserves. Contact Swiftpak today.