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4 vital factors of ecommerce packaging for the pharmaceutical industry

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The significance of ecommerce for businesses worldwide cannot be denied. Not only does ecommerce offer an efficient and convenient way to market products, but serves many benefits over traditional commerce when it comes to increasing bottom lines.

As various industries strive to simplify their ecommerce packaging processes, pharmaceutical businesses face unique challenges that require careful consideration. Not only this, but the pharmaceutical ecommerce market is expected to progress with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 21.80% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2029.

Proving a surge in volume of patients preferring doorstep delivery, the ecommerce market is an opportunity every pharmaceutical packaging company should be looking to take advantage of.

With that said, here are four vital factors that must be considered when exploring ecommerce packaging for pharmaceuticals.

1. Prioritise customer safety with ecommerce packaging

The safety of customers is the top priority in the pharmaceutical industry, and this should be reflected in the packaging of online orders. Ecommerce packaging must be designed to protect the products during transportation and handling, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

To achieve this, online pharmaceutical companies can utilise tamper-evident solutions, ensuring that customers receive authentic products that haven't been compromised during transit.

In addition to physical safety, ecommerce packaging must also protect customer privacy. Pharmaceutical products often carry sensitive information that must remain confidential. Using discreet packaging that doesn't reveal the contents of the shipment can also help to protect customer privacy and prevent theft.

2. Meet consumer expectations with ecommerce packaging

The ecommerce supply chain has become more stringent, resulting in an increase in the number of products that get damaged before they reach customers. Nevertheless, consumers still expect their prescription drugs to arrive in perfect condition, just as if they were purchased from a local pharmacy.

Ensuring that everything arrives as expected when your package reaches its destination is crucial for both your business and the customer. Otherwise, refunds may be requested, or even worse, drugs contaminated.

To meet (and hopefully exceed) consumer expectations, ecommerce packaging needs to be optimised for protection. Through the use of consistent and high-quality protective solutions, achieving a package that is reliable plays a huge part in retaining online customers.

At Swiftpak, we stock an extensive range of protective packaging solutions to fulfil ecommerce requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. Having supplied the pharmaceutical industry for over 45 years, we understand your medical products are highly sensitive, and we know you operate in a tightly regulated environment. Using our experience and expertise in the sector, we are able to supply bespoke packaging tailored to your business. So why not contact our pharmaceutical packaging experts today for more information on how we can help.

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3. Ensure pharmaceutical compliance with ecommerce packaging

Whilst sustainability and protection are clearly of huge importance, one of the biggest factors when considering ecommerce packaging for pharmaceuticals is compliance.

The MHRA approve all packaging and labelling information for medicines sold in the UK, covering the information that must be provided. Due to the high-risk nature of pharmaceutical products, there are varying consequences when things aren’t done by the book. That’s why it’s extremely important that whilst focusing on an ecommerce package that is reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective, above all, it must be compliant.

4. Keep sustainability in mind with ecommerce packaging

The significance of sustainability has been a recurring topic, and this also applies to ecommerce packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. To enhance the eco-friendliness of your ecommerce packaging, the first place to look is with the reduction of material usage. By sizing down cartons, or opting for a bespoke shape that better fits your pharmaceutical delivery, wastage can be easily saved for a more sustainable solution.

As well as this, using sustainable packaging materials such as cardboard and eliminating single-use plastics, can significantly improve the sustainability of your packaging. Another way to ensure sustainability is by providing clear instructions for proper disposal. This approach not only encourages consumers to recycle, but also helps promote a positive image for your brand.

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At Swiftpak, we specialise in supplying the pharmaceutical market with industry-leading ecommerce packaging solutions. Using over 45 years’ experience, we have the knowledge needed to recommend the very best solution for your product and business. So, if you’re in need of an ecommerce packaging solution, then get in touch with our expert team today and find out how we can take your packaging to the next level.