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5 things to consider when buying your next packaging machine

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Packaging machinery can be a lucrative investment for many businesses in different ways. Not only can it boost the efficiency of your operations, but enhance the consistency of your packaging and save valuable time for your employees too.

To ensure your business gets the most from its packaging machinery though, it’s important to consider your requirements, consult with an expert and select a solution that best fits your processes.

Here, we explore five important things you should think about when looking to implement packaging machinery into your operations.

1. What are you packaging and how much?

Chances are, you’ll know exactly what needs packaging. But it’s essential you have all the information to hand when discussing your requirements with the person/company helping with your machinery. You need to be clear on what you are packaging and how much you’re looking to produce. This way, you’re able to effectively consult with an expert, view options that are best for your product, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

2. How much space is available for your machinery?

It goes without saying, you need packaging machinery that fits your space. So, when measuring the available area, be sure to take into account the movement of employees – insufficient room can be frustrating, cause safety issues, and nobody wants to have to squeeze past.

You should also have enough room for panels to open when maintenance work is required.

Have you thought about the arrangement of your current operations too? If not, there could be ways to better optimise your space as you look to implement packaging machinery.

3. What ROI can you expect?

The primary purpose of packaging machinery is to increase the efficiency of your operations in order to cut costs and reach the goals of your business. So, knowing what to expect in terms of return on investment is paramount in your decision.

For example, when comparing our PakTool automatic pallet wrap machine to manual wrapping, business can achieve results of up to:

  • 47% more productivity
  • 75% less waste
  • 57% cost savings

4. What about packaging machine costs?

You should never base your decision solely on costs – after all, you pay for what you get, right? But costs will certainly play a part in how you proceed with your packaging machinery.

Consider both the list price of the equipment as well as ongoing costs like maintenance and support to get a complete understanding of your investment.

How often does the machine’s software need updating? Are you able to do this yourself, or will you need to pay for somebody to come in? You never know, it could be beneficial to pay more for a machine that has maintenance and support all covered.

In short, be sure to explore your options and go with what suits your financial situation best.

5. What are your safety concerns?

Safety is one of the most important factors when specifying your next packaging machine. Not only should you be thinking about the introduction of safety zones, but the physical safety features that come with the packaging machine. This could include sensor technology that scans for human activity in high-risk zones, or the ability to override and cut all power from the push of a button. It could also be as simple as correct staff training.

Packaging machinery from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we offer a wide range of packaging machinery to suit the needs of your business. From paper void fill solutions to automated pallet wrap machines, tapers, and strapping machines we have an ideal solution for you.

Want to find out how packaging machinery could enhance your business? Speak to our expert team today. We’ll take the time needed to understand your packaging requirements and business goals, use our expertise to recommend the very best solution for you and ensure your operations continue to run smoothly.