Labeling packaging - variety and applications

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Packaging labels for shipping and logistics can be a minefield of too much information. Take a look at our quick blog article on the main types of packaging labels available and get in touch if you have any questions.

Correctly packaging your products for shipping is one thing, but are you certain that you are using the correct labels? There are a huge variety of different packaging labels and each of them have their own uses and applications. Packaging professionals need to ensure that not only are they using the correct packaging products for their needs, but also the correct labels - especially for shipping purposes.

Package labels are just another thing in an ever increasing list of packaging materials and products that packers and shippers need to consider to ensure their packaging solutions are adequate for their needs. Labeling not only helps to correctly identify and protect your packages but in some cases, such as hazard labels, using the correct labels is actually a legal matter.

There are so many different kinds of labeling products that we thought we would break them down for you and describe each of their applications.

Tamper-Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels are a type of high adhesive, strong sticker or tape that if peeled back or tampered with in any way will reveal a message displaying that it has been tampered with. These are used where security is priority, they serve to alert logistics staff to valuable or sensitive contents and are a cost effective solution against in-transit tampering or theft.

UN Hazard Warning Labels

The ADR (European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road) regulations, states all packages containing dangerous goods should have a warning label. The labels shall be in the form of a square at an angle of 45° (diamond shaped) and are required to be used in the transportation of dangerous goods by road, sea and air.

Hazard warning labels are important signifiers for package handlers about the contents of a package, in many cases they are a legal necessity. There are a wide variety of warning labels available for warning against different contents like fro example highly flammable, lithium metal for batteries and explosive to name but a few.

Stock Print Labels

Stock print labels are any stock labels that aren’t representing a UN hazard, whether for use internally, by shipping agents or by the end user. The range is large; some of the most obvious include fragile, recyclable and quality care pass and reject labels

Security Labels

Security labels are made from high quality semi-gloss paper and designed for easy use with a permanent peel and stick adhesive, allowing easy and secure fastening to both cartons and pallets. They are printed with clear, highly visible hazard warnings and handling instructions to ensure that items are cared for. They can also come with internationally recognisable symbols that transcend language barriers. They can also come with obvious tamper-evident information, to ensure packages haven’t been tampered with during shipping.

In-Transit Labels

In-transit labels are innovative, intelligent labels that help to indicate when a package has been mis-handled. They come with a variety of different applications, including tip ‘n’ tell which indicates whether a package has been kept upright and shock and drop watch labels. They turn from clear to colour to indicate any mishandling of the package.

Swiftpak stock and sell a wide variety of shipping and packaging labels and with our years of experience in the packaging industry we can always help should you have any questions or require any advice on the right package labels for your needs. Just get in touch.