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New year, new packaging: Ecommerce packaging trends to transform your unboxing experience

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As the landscape of the ecommerce market undergoes continuous transformation, the realm of ecommerce packaging is equally active. In order to thrive in this highly competitive market, businesses must remain at the forefront of emerging trends.

In 2024, we are expect to see further evolution in how ecommerce products and medical equipment is packaged and shipped.

In this blog, we explore four ecommerce packaging trends that are set to shape the industry and elevate customer experiences.

1. Sustainable ecommerce packaging is here to stay

The spotlight on sustainability in ecommerce packaging continues to intensify in 2024. As consumer awareness of environmental impact grows, the demand for eco-friendly solutions rises.

Biodegradable, compostable, and recycled materials are expected to dominate the scene. Companies are not only embracing sustainability as part of their corporate responsibility but also aligning with eco-conscious consumers, defining ESG goals, and actively working towards reducing carbon emissions.

Beyond traditional paper-based solutions, there's a heightened focus on the environmental impact of inks and coatings, driving a shift towards more eco-friendly options. Brands prioritising sustainable materials and strategies are likely to gain a competitive edge over competition.

2. Ecommerce packaging will utilise digital print to greater heights

Digital print and finishing continue to reshape packaging production, offering advantages such as high print quality, quick lead times, reduced waste, and flexible order quantities.

In 2024, more brands are expected to embrace digital print, web-to-print, and other digital tools to enhance their custom packaging strategies. This approach is particularly advantageous for brands aiming to boost identity and brand awareness in retail channels.

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3. Creativity through shapes: Reshaping ecommerce packaging

In a world where differentiation is paramount, brands are no longer settling for the ordinary. Embracing captivating shapes, intricate cutouts, and distinctive label patterns, forward-thinking companies are redefining the very essence of packaging. It's not just about catching the eye, but it's about crafting a tangible expression of brand identity that lingers in the consumer's mind long after the purchase.

Breaking free from conventional norms, this trend is set to steal the spotlight and bring a new level of creativity to the ecommerce packaging market.

4. Interactive ecommerce packaging experiences

In 2024, ecommerce packaging goes beyond its traditional role and transforms into a gateway for interactive brand experiences. This trend leverages technology to engage consumers on a whole new level. From augmented reality (AR) features triggered by scanning packaging with a smartphone to QR codes that unlock exclusive content, brands are beginning to utilise interactive packaging solutions.

As technology seamlessly integrates with packaging, brands embracing this trend are not just selling products—they're crafting memorable experiences that establish lasting connections with their audience.

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