Protective Packaging

Protective packaging examples for electronic devices

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When it comes to protecting mobiles, laptops, TV’s and other electronic devices during transport, a high-quality protective packaging solution is vital.

Electronic devices are often highly valuable and can be damaged easily during transit. From potential knocks and bangs, to electrostatic discharge, dirt, and theft, there are many aspects to consider when choosing the right protective packaging solution for your electronic devices.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of our protective packaging solutions to help protect your electronic devices during transport.

Bespoke electronics packaging solutions

Electronic devices must be protected properly. Due to possible fragile components such as screens and sensors, they must be packaged with absolute care and consideration. Therefore, bespoke packaging is often needed for an effective solution.

At Swiftpak, we design bespoke packaging solutions for valuable and delicate electronics products that require personalised protection. We take care to understand your needs and use our expertise to design bespoke and tamper-evident packaging solutions to ensure proper protection for your electronics through transit to POS.

Bespoke box designs for electronics

For valued electronics, simple but cleverly designed cartons can be made to fold into tamper-evident boxes. Our tamper-evident box solutions are perfect for expensive mobile phones and are designed to deter unauthorised access to your package. If you have a valuable electronic that needs tamper-evident protection, speak to an expert at Swiftpak today, we’d love to help.

ESD protection – Metalized bags

A common problem amongst the electronics industry is electrostatic discharge (ESD) during transit and storage. This is where two electrically charged objects make contact, causing a sudden flow of electricity that results in an electrical short or dielectric breakdown.

ESD can damage components and products containing electronics. This damage is often undetectable by quality control, meaning end consumers can receive faulty products without knowing upon delivery. Not only does this affect a company’s profitability and productivity, but reputation too.

Fortunately, metalized bags can prevent this situation altogether. Available in open and zip top variations, metalized bags provide protection against ESD by stopping the build-up of a static charge. If you’re looking to protect sensitives electronics such as integrated circuits, CD drives and hard drives, you can’t go wrong with metalized bags.

Damage prevention – Film support packs

Many electronic products have displays that can be easily scratched, cracked and shattered without the right protection during transit. Film support packs are a great way to secure and protect laptop screens, flat screens, camera lenses and more to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition.

At Swiftpak, we stock Lapsnap, Screensnap, Quicksnap and Self seal film support packs in a variety of sizes to guarantee perfect protection for your products. If you require a packaging solution to protect the screen of your electronic products, contact us today and we’ll recommend the optimal film support pack for your requirements. 

film support packs

To conclude

When searching for an effective packaging solution to protect your electronics product, it’s best to seek advice from a packaging expert. In fact, with experience, knowledge and the ability to design bespoke solutions for your product, a protective packaging expert must be considered.

If you’re looking for a protective packaging supplier to deliver personalised protection for your electronic products, contact Swiftpak today.