Protective Packaging

Protective packaging for sensitive instruments & devices

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For the light and precision engineering industry, finding a packaging solution you’re confident in can prove to be a challenge. Why? Sensitive instruments and devices are particularly prone to damage and are often unique in design, meaning the perfect, bespoke solution for your product requires attention from a packaging expert.

In short, to keep highly sensitive equipment safe during transportation and storage, a high quality, well thought through protective packaging solution is essential.

Sensitive products require attention

Understanding the importance of protecting your sensitive products is the first step when looking for an effective packaging solution. However, there are many other factors that packaging experts, like Swiftpak, have to take into consideration when designing and manufacturing a solution made to last:

1. Lower costs

Yes, bespoke designed products and solutions come at an extra cost. However, paying extra for the quality materials, expert solutions and reliable support will save your business money in the long run. Think about it, even an average packaging solution will receive damaged returns, and when you’re dealing with expensive products, this quickly becomes a bad situation for your operations and finances.

A packaging solution not designed to your product requirements doesn’t only affect your business finances directly. With damaged returns interrupting operations, more work is created, wasting valuable time. After all, time is money.

2. Minimising damage

There are a number of ways sensitive instruments can become damaged during storage and transport. Packaging experts will provide a solution that protects your product against impacts, water damage and dirty or dusty environments.

3. Sustainability

With the ever growing concern for the health of our environment, sustainability must play a role in protecting your sensitive instruments. Swiftpak offer environmentally friendly solutions and are constantly looking for new packaging innovations to improve the sustainability of their clients’ packaging solutions.

Sensitive instruments packaging examples

Bespoke Stratocell inserts

Sensitive instruments often contain fragile elements, and bespoke interior Stratocell inserts are perfect for protecting these highly important parts. They can be designed and manufactured to fit your product perfectly, offering ultimate protection to ensure your product arrives safely and as a bonus they are cost-effective alternatives to heavier polyurethanes.

Bespoke cardboard inserts

Cardboard inserts are an ideal green solution to ship a vulnerable sensor. Swiftpak cut out packaging as well as bespoke corrugated inserts for a safe transit of your highly sensitive instruments.

Impact labels

Although impact labels don’t offer physical protection for your product, they play a huge part in preventing damage. But how you ask? Once activated, Impact labels create a permanent indication when your package takes a hit beyond a specific G-level – a great way to detect and deter rough handling of your highly sensitive and fragile items.


Convenient and time-saving, Foam-in-place offers protective packaging that can be activated right out of the box with no additional equipment. Ready to use at any time, the cushion expands in seconds to form a custom-fit solution for your fragile and sensitive items. Perfect for the light and precision engineering industry!

Does your highly sensitive or valuable item require bespoke protection? Get in touch with Swiftpak today and speak to one of our packaging experts. We specialise in the light and precision engineering industry and offer the right protective packaging at competitive prices.