Protective Packaging

The Importance of Protective Packaging

2 mins

How quickly do you judge a company by the package that arrives on your doorstep? These days, it’s all about how the package reaches the end user, and with so many using eCommerce, it’s key to tap into this as early as possible in the chain. Here’s why protective packaging plays a crucial role in the success of your business.

Damage reduction with protective packaging

Shipping damage is a major hassle– and unfortunately common. In fact, as many as 10% of eCommerce packages arrive damaged. Shipping damage can give the wrong image, making your products seem like substandard quality. While this is obviously a concern for buyers, sellers are affected too. Even if the seller is not at fault for the damage, they’ll likely still take the heat – and pay the price in increased return costs and damage to their brand.

Protective packaging influences brand image

The image of your brand is affected when distributing products, this is not only the outer packaging for instance bespoke printed cartons but more importantly how eco friendly and earth aware the voidfill is. With the world diving into eco systems and being more carbon aware, it is important to keep ahead of the game and do our bit to help. A great example of this is paper voidfill which is fully recyclable, and here at Swiftpak we have many dispensers to aid your teams through these projects. The good news doesn’t stop there either, it’s not only paper voidfill on offer but a ton of other degradable chips, and air bag solutions.

Need help with protective packaging?

You may find you need more than one type of protective packaging, for example large and small bubbled wrap. The large bubbles are softer and thus more suited to delicate things, unless you just need the extra thickness to bulk out the box. However, small bubbles will carry more weight. For example, if you wrapped heavy items such as machinery in large bubble wrap you may find the bubbles bursting with the weight. In such a situation smaller bubbles would be better suited. If you aren’t sure what type of protective packaging would suit you best, please get in touch with one of the team who would be happy to help you further.