Reuse. Recycle. Remake.

3 mins

With so many of us being at home, we decided to put the cardboard on the table and see what we could create out of our packaging cartons. It’s not only for the younger generation out there, from chandeliers to pen caddies to cardboard cities. What can you come up with?

1. Packaging turned to lights 💡

Going in for the latest boho look, this cardboard chandelier is just too cute and you can even put real lights in it. LED lights would be best, since open flame and cardboard only leads to the fire brigade visiting your home! The chandelier is perfect to hang in that room you have just redecorated and even means a money saving on electricity, how is that for winning all round?


If you want to go one step further and go pro, how is this for taking a room by storm? There’s not even a need for wallpaper, due to the shadows provided by this ace shade. Totally ready to entertain my friends again after lockdown and show off the house’s new additions. For more information and ideas for creative cardboard lamps, take a look at Designrulz' blog.


2. Cardboard desk made from packaging 📦

You don’t have to head to Ikea to get your home office desk. You can make one yourself from a couple of old cardboard packaging boxes. This is a great desk for work or the children can even use it to do that homework that’s been set whilst there’s no school. There’s even a great hiding section where they can climb in and have a little privacy, ready to surprise you on that Office Zoom catch up.


3. Decorative cardboard pen caddie 🖊️

Bring your home office right up to scratch with this pen caddie. Keep those markers perfectly organised with this great little organiser that you can make in about 10 minutes. You use an empty cardboard box(or the bottom of a cereal packet) to make it and add toilet paper rolls (there is a shortage remember, so go easy!) inside the box help to keep your markers perfectly organised! Decoration ideas would include funky tissue paper or even those pens mixed with your creative mind, can go right up design street.


4. Create a cardboard hair salon 💇

With the salons out there closed, we all now need to improvise, and what better way than this. Just cut the front from the box and then use that piece to make the screen up the back. Add your mirror and cover the entire thing with the dress you bought but never wore or the curtains that you cannot chuck as they belonged to Aunt Grace and you’re all set! Now let’s get creative with those hair styles. No more excuses for a bad hair day!


5. Cardboard play city 🏙️

This cardboard city will be as fun for kids to make as it is for them to play in. You can take a number of empty cardboard boxes and build all sorts of shops and buildings for them. Even, recreate those sights you would be seeing if on holiday, take them on a geography lesson or tour round London - show them where Boris is giving the direction from!


If you've attempted one of the above or have made your own, make sure to post it on Twitter or Facebook and tag @swiftpak, we'd love to see your amazing cardboard creations!