Swiftpak History

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Our story doesn’t start with the average wooden shed in the back yard, but more like a sophisticated tin hut in the middle of a luscious green field. This is where Swiftpak was born. However, we weren’t christened as Swiftpak, back then we were known as Berkshire Bag Supplies, founded by Mr John Gulley.

1977: The birth of Swiftpak

We commenced trading in 1977 from our tin hut in the middle of a green field, supplying paper bags, and point of sale packaging materials to independent retailers.


A couple of exciting years later, our expertise expanded to include Mr. Colin and Mr. Martin Gulley who joined as partners in 1990. We began pushing towards the industrial market, prompting the name change to BBS Packaging Group, as our range of packaging products expanded to polythene bags, bubble film, self-adhesive tapes and strapping.


In 2002, Grandpa Colin retired, and we took the decision to split the business into two areas. This was to ensure we continued to supply every one of our customers with the same care we give today. John continued operating from the existing premises whilst Martin moved to Padworth Saw Mills and renamed us as Swiftpak BBS.


Our next milestone, sprung up in 2005 when we purchased another warehouse to accommodate the strong growth. 2005 also marked our first ISO accreditation (9001:2000) ensuring consistent quality across products and customer service.

Swiftpak Warehouse


Two years down the line, we acquired BBS Packaging and invited them to stay at our new premises. We significantly increased our warehouse space, ensuring our committal of stock to our customers was upheld.

2011 - 2020

2011 came with more exhilarating amendments. We became a limited company under the directorship of Martin and Craig Gulley, starting our journey at Arrowhead Road in Theale. From here we further acquired Bandapac(2012) and G W Talbot(2019). With our expanding teams experience, we introduced our industry experts, ensuring we are offering the best service by understanding not only your company but also the industry sector. With the knowledge and the key relationships that we have built up over the past 40 years, we are able to show our packaging expertise in the following industries; pharmaceutical and chemicals, food and drink, electronics, IT and telecoms, automotive and aerospace, light and precision engineering, and home products and construction.

Although we are no longer in the sophisticated tin hut in the middle of a luscious green field, one thing remains unchanged, our mission is to make your operations as productive and stress-free as possible.

If you’re looking for a dedicated and passionate packaging company to take your business to the next level, get in touch with Swiftpak today, we’d love to help.