Swiftpak launches new impact indicator range

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A recent survey revealed that 34% of packaging related returns are due to product damage, and this can have a real impact on a business’s reputation. To help protect shipments from damage wholesale packaging supplier, Swiftpak, have recently launched a brand new range of Impact Indicators.

The new ShockWatch and TiltWatch range can be used throughout the supply chain to deter and detect damage through impact and tilt. The impact indicator labels allow users to detect and prevent damage to shipments and equipment.

What Impact Indicator Labels are available at Swiftpak?

The new selection includes ShockWatch 2 that changes colour to bright red when rough handling has occurred, and ShockWatch RFID that through RFID tracking is used to indicate any trouble spots in the supply chain.

Swiftpak have also released Tilt Indicators including TiltWatch XTR and TiltWatch Plus that provide evidence of mishandling if tipping occurs during shipment.

How do Impact Indicators Labels work?

The first aim of Impact Indicator Labels is to ‘deter’. The knowledge that the cargo is actively being monitored deters any chance of bad handling behaviour by supply chain participants. Second aim is to ‘detect’ as the labels connected monitoring enables real-time damage detection, so costs are minimised. Finally, the last step of the Impact Indicator system is to ‘diagnose’ as analytics are provided by shipment monitoring enabling the diagnosis and elimination of pain points within the supply chain.

For more information on Swiftpak’s new impact indicator range, visit their products page today:

Swiftpak’s new Impact Indicator range

Swiftpak recognise the importance of protective packaging, so by launching a new range of Impact Indicators, Swiftpak aim to help their customers reduce damages within the supply chain.

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