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The covid-19 impact on ecommerce: how can it benefit your business?

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The covid-19 pandemic has made a massive impact on our lives this year. Many businesses have struggled to stay afloat with all the lockdown closures. However, one of the few industries that seems to have benefited from the situation is the world of ecommerce.

of UK companies created roles to specifically cater to the increase in digital sales and to improve online capacity. The Barclay’s Corporate Banking survey revealed that more than one in four industry leaders (26%) said that the pandemic had accelerated a ‘technological revolution’. Home Improvement businesses were also said to experience the most growth in the short-term with four-fifths of those taking the survey confident of having 80% positive revenue growth within the months that followed due to ecommerce.

With the rise of ecommerce, it is vital to have the right packaging for your business to help you succeed in this ecommerce world. In this article, we will be delving into that world of ecommerce packaging and why it is so important in industries today.

Why should your business be improving its online presence?

With the pandemic and lockdowns still at large, the shift to digital persists across countries as consumers try to stay indoors as much as possible. Food items such as meal kit delivery services and Home products such as DIY home improvement products  in particular have seen an average online growth of over 30% in 2020, with more people choosing to purchase online than ever before.

It is essential to improve your businesses online performance and services. 57% of consumers reported they had experienced delivery delays and are expecting businesses to adapt during the pandemic. A positive experience can help boost brand loyalty and when the return process is easy and convenient for the consumer, online orders will increase even further.

The benefits of ecommerce packaging on businesses

Ecommerce packaging should be an extension of your brand as it plays a key role in presenting what your business and products are about. Consumers are said to consider a product packaging as important as the brand itself.

So, what are the main benefits of ecommerce packaging?

  • The free delivery impact: If you are able to offer a free delivery, it is said that a customer’s average order value will be 30% higher.
  • Interest increase: online businesses that spend more time on their packaging see up to 30% increase from consumers.
  • Reduces costs: By using good protective packaging, you can minimize the volume and cost of returns, as well as build on customer loyalty.

Types of ecommerce packaging

The growth of your business relies on a suitable protective e-commerce solution. Most online businesses will use cardboard boxes to package products as they are cost-effective and helps to protect items during transit. At Swiftpak, we provide a variety of ecommerce packaging solutions for various industries:

  • Bespoke boxes: we can provide bespoke boxes to offer maximum protection, improved customer retention, increased sustainability and more.
  • Recycled postal boxes: we stock a range of book wraps to help protect your books, catalogues, brochures and more. Available in a variety of sizes and includes self-adhesive closure, security strips, and tear-off perforation for easy opening.
  • Tamper-evident self-adhesive machine tape: Tamper evident self-adhesive machine tape is the perfect alternative to gummed paper tape. It is 100% recyclable, compatible with all taping machines, and no water is required.
  • Suprawell Standard: our entire corrugated and board envelope range has self-adhesive closure and increased efficiency.

Types of infill

Infill materials: are equally essential to keep products protected within a packaging as they fill the empty spaces, keeping products inside stable during transit and delivery. At Swiftpak we would recommend these types of infill:

  • Kraft paper: can be used to fill the spaces within a cardboard box to stop a product from moving inside the package during transit. It is inexpensive, easy to obtain and a popular choice for e-commerce businesses. Kraft paper is also recyclable to help minimize your paper waste.
  • Voidfill: also designed to protect your packaged goods from damage through movement in transit.
  • Hexcel wrap: the next generation of protective wrapping and is designed as a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap. Hexcel wrap reduces packing times, reduces breakages and is eco-friendly with it being 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Ecommerce packaging from Swiftpak

Since the pandemic began, ecommerce popularity has risen tremendously, making it more crucial for any business. Ecommerce packaging is the first physical interaction a customer has with your brand; it helps to build a positive reputation and increases sales and customer loyalty. Discover more of our ecommerce packaging solutions by either visiting our ecommerce solutions page or contacting our packaging experts.