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The Do's and Don'ts of Ecommerce Packaging

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There is no denying that the right ecommerce packaging can set your product apart, increase brand recognition, and make it stand out to future prospects.

Packaging can make or break a product – literally. So, it is important that the packaging not only looks good but also that it fully protects your items throughout the delivery process. We have already discussed how the idea of frustration-free packaging coined by Amazon has led to many companies improving their ecommerce packaging game.

After all, the right packaging should add to the experience and be aesthetically pleasing but not go overboard to the point it will frustrate the customer. In this article, we will be exploring the Do’s and Don’ts of ecommerce packaging, providing you with a few handy tips so that you can create the perfect package.

1.  DO: Simplify your ecommerce packaging – make sure it is frustration-free!

By simplifying the package size and making sure it perfectly fits the product, you will see a big improvement on your bottom line. This is because your team will be able to pack faster due to not having so much protective package to put in and sort. Not only this, but your shipping charges will also be much lower and packaging materials will cost you less and take up less space within the package. The user experience with the packaging will also be more positive as they will not have to deal with any extra waste.

The best ecommerce packaging should be cost-effective, so keep the package light to avoid those pesky costs. Find out more about ‘Frustration-free’ packaging in our latest blog article.

Don’t: Use too much protective packaging inside the packaging

This brings us to our next point. While boxes are always a good choice when it comes to ecommerce packaging, it is important to make sure that your box is not oversized or contains way too much protective packaging such as void fill inside. Over 30% of consumers have said that wastefully overpacked shipments make them question if the company knows what they are doing. No customer would want to deal with the extra waste that comes with an overly packed package.  

With your ecommerce packaging, you want to create a positive unboxing experience that is simple- yet well protected, with a good, memorable design that makes the customer want to come back for more. It also makes your company look more professional as it shows you have experience.

2.  Do: Test your ecommerce packaging for durability.

It’s important that your packaging looks memorable yes, but you want that to be in a positive way, right? Therefore, you must check your ecommerce package is durable and sturdy enough to hold the product safely throughout transit. As mentioned above, one way to ensure this is by making sure the box fits the product perfectly. A package that is too large for the product it carries will increase the chances of the product moving around inside and thus increasing the chances of it being damaged.

Some packaging tests you can try are as follows:

  • Edge Crush Resistance: one of the meaningful tests for corrugated cardboard packaging. When performing an edge crush test, a cross-sectional load is applied on corrugated cardboard until it collapses in order to calculate the maximum compression force the material can withstand without failing.
  • Drop Test: like it sounds, a drop test stimulates the freefall of a package on its corners, edges and surfaces. To achieve this, the package can be filled with the envisaged products and dropped from a defined height to ensure realistic conditions encountered during shipment.
  • Vertical Vibration Test: provides information on the transport stresses on the packaging and on the product.

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3. Do: Keep ecommerce packaging green and eco-friendly

Did you know that despite the changes in consumer behaviour caused by Covid-19, fewer than one in three consumers de-prioritised sustainable packaging due to covid? 83% of consumers amongst the younger generation in particular would pay more for sustainable packaging. Also, products that were marketed as sustainable were found to grow in popularity more than seven times faster than the products that were not.

This information shows that consumers want packaging that is good for the earth and so the brands that help them reach this goal will be the ones who succeed best. There have been many breakthroughs in plant-based packaging and biodegradable packaging making it easier for brands to reduce their carbon footprint.

At Swiftpak, we have a variety of eco-friendly packaging options, including our new vegan thermal liner as it is made from 100% recycled materials and can be disposed of in paper waste. Some additional sustainable packaging options we have available include:

  • Premium Polypouch bags: Contain at least 30% recycled content and are made out of high tear-resistant material.
  • Supatak Kraft Paper Tape: Does not contain plastic and is a high strength and high tack adhesive. It is much more eco-friendly and can withstand varying temperatures.
  • Paper Voidfill: Helps to protect your packaged goods during transit in an environmentally friendly way. Voidfill is highly recyclable and contains no harmful substances that could damage the environment.
  • Embossed Paper Rolls: Instead of using bubble wrap, try using paper embossed rolls. They offer similar cushioning protection, but unlike standard bubble wrap, they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

To find out more about any of our eco-friendly packaging solutions, feel free to contact us today.

Don’t: Focus on speedy shipping (at first)

While fast shipping is great and customers really appreciate it, the first thing you need to make sure of is that the packaging is perfect and meets all of their requirements – or even better, goes beyond all their expectations. Once you are happy with the packaging, then you can start thinking about ways to make your shipping even more efficient.

Do: Print instructions, information, and graphics inside the box

One of the hottest packaging trends in 2019 was printing inside the box instead of on the exterior. This is still a great idea as it adds to the unboxing experience and also helps to reduce the chances of theft. This is because people may be less likely to steal a package that does not reveal its contents. Some ideas that you can print inside your ecommerce box include:

  • Use an eye-catching colour or signature brand colour inside the box.
  • Try a patterned design using your company logo.
  • Include a thank you message. Never underestimate the impact of a personal touch.

Don’t: Put imagery or too much information on the outer packaging

Placing imagery on the outside of the packaging or having text that reveals too much about what is inside the package, is like a magnet for thieves. If they don’t know what the package contains then it will be less of a target.

Also, it is best to avoid using too many fonts and trying to squeeze it all in a space as this will look cluttered and bring down the packaging design. Try to stick to one or two main fonts that relate to your brand, especially one that is recognisable so that when customers see the text, they can immediately identify the brand it associates with.

Ecommerce packaging from Swiftpak

In a rapidly growing ecommerce industry, we know that it is vital to have a trusted packaging partner to ship your valuable products. With over 40 years of experience, we have a wide range of ecommerce packaging solutions for various industries including boxes, envelopes, void fill, and adhesive tapes.

To find out more about the ecommerce packaging we provide, feel free to contact our packaging experts today who will be happy to help.