The importance of maintaining packaging machinery

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When it comes to your packaging line, it is imperative it keeps going to the best of its ability. If one machine doesn’t perform its task correctly, it can easily disrupt the entire manufacturing process.

Think of it this way, you are on the factory floor, your machines are kicking out high volumes of packed goods, when all of a sudden everything stops. Your fast-flowing efficient production line is now out of action. You cannot get hold of any call out technicians for the next 24hrs. This is the sole reason you must maintain your packaging machinery, saving you downtime on both machine and manpower, repair costs etc.

Consequences of not maintaining packaging machinery

Whilst you may look at maintenance costs, as a pesky added extra, it could save you thousands in the long run. There is not only the monetary side to this, but also the fact that when your machinery has downtime, you are disrupting packages going out to valuable customers causing frustration not only to the delivery team but to the customer themselves. Examples of this would include the online food industry, resulting in requests for refunds or even worse; customers trying out competition. Furthermore this would also affect projects in many sectors for example IT/electronics, making them delayed with parts missing, creating a huge back log of work for teams.

Benefits of maintaining packaging machinery

When looking at autonomous maintenance, it follows a structured and continuous process meaning you automatically have a safer plant floor. Not only does it mean smooth processes for machinery but also better-organised structure and secure workplace overall. Clean machinery is also less likely to develop more serious problems over time, ensuring increased efficiency. Furthermore, it shows up potential failure points. With the team checking the machinery at consistent points, they are more likely to notice the symptoms of problems, meaning earlier prevention of machine malfunctions. This also helps to improve overall equipment effectiveness boosting the productivity levels of your business.

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In conclusion

As you can see it’s wise to spend a small amount occasionally on maintaining your packaging machinery instead of a big sum when the machine breaks down. Plants with high production levels need teams who know more than just how to use the ‘on’ switch, as this leaves too much room for error. The Health and Safety Executive website has a useful checklist to carrying out maintenance safely, and if you need further help with your maintenance of packaging machinery, reach out to one of our experts!