Stretch Film

Understanding your stretchwrap requirements

3 mins

Stretchwrap plays a vital role in optimising your shipping operations. Choosing the right film to effectively protect and transport your pallets is vital to your business.

Stretchwrap plays a vital role in all large scale packaging and shipping operations. However, understanding the different types of film and choosing the right film for your packaging requirements is often not a simple task. Given the importance of the decision to the cost and reputation of your business we thought we would help shed a little light on the subject.

Understanding your film requirements to effectively protect your pallet loads is essential to enabling you as a customer to compare suppliers and ensure you are getting the optimised solution of the right product, at the right price. The most important things to consider in gaining this understanding are:

Consider what you are wrapping - Different pallet loads will require different types of stretchwrap film.

Are the products uniform? How are they stacked ?(what is the load profile) Is the load stable or unstable? Is it a heavy or light pallet load?

What do you need the film to do?

It may just be a case of ensuring the pallet load is secured for transport but you may also need to consider if your load needs UV, dust or water protection as failing to consider these will affect the condition the product arrives at its destination and increase the chance of return and hence cost to you.

The wrapping process

What process do you use for your pallet wrapping operation? Do you use hand held stretchwrap or a stretchwrap machine? If a stretchwrap machine, the kind of machine you use will also influence the type of stretchwrap you use.

The transit process

Where is your pallet going to? What methods of transport will be used? How many times will it need to be moved? How long and where will it be stored? Each of these factors will affect the expectations made on the film.

Once you understand these points and considerations you will have a better idea of what you require from your stretchwrap and comparing the different types of stretchwrap on the market becomes an easier task, enabling you to make the right decisions when choosing suppliers.

We can help you to review your application of stretchwrap and help with calculating your usage based on your stretch yield and your yield cost in weight, to help ensure you are optimising your use of stretchwrap.

Swiftpak is a packaging supply company with over 30 years experience in choosing the right packaging supplies if you are looking to improve your packaging operation or need advice on the right packaging supplies for your products please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.