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What are the benefits of Shock and Tilt Indicators for packaging?

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One of the biggest challenges for the packaging industry has always been mishandling of products. Mishandling can have serious consequences to your items, especially for the ones that are particularly delicate and sensitive.

If something does go wrong in transit, it can be difficult to see at what point the damage occurred and your business will end up having to deal with the recovery costs, replacements, and re-shipping.

This is where shock and tilt indicators can help as they are an effective way to monitor any potential shocks and collisions your products experience, pinpointing clearly if one has occurred whilst also offering a wide range of other benefits.

In this article, we will be exploring everything there is to know about both shock and tilt indicators, what the benefits are and some tips on how to use them to achieve the best results.

What are Shock and Tilt Indicators?

Shock and tilt indicators are mechanical devices that can be used to show evidence of mishandling during transit. These impact indicators can help ensure the best treatment of your equipment because handlers may be held responsible for any equipment damage if the indicators trigger whilst they are dealing with the package.

The monitoring mechanisms are very simple and can be easily installed on packages containing medical equipment, automotive, semi-conductor equipment, IT servers, and more. Shock and tilt indicators true value relies on their visibility, did you know that if handlers see the indicators on the package, they tend to handle the package more carefully? This is because they know they could face the costs of any damages caused on the package as the indicators show clearly if damage or mishandling occurred during the transport process.

Shock and tilt indicators provide an easy and cost-effective method to monitor mishandling and we really recommend them to avoid the high costs that can come with having to replace equipment that is damaged in transit.

  • Tilt Indicators: record the tilt degree and can make handlers, consignees, or shippers act accordingly. They include arrows to remind handlers to keep one side up, a serial number to prevent tampering, and a brand name. If the package is tilted more than what has been selected, the middle of the label will change colour.
  • Shock Indicators: Detect and record shock during transportation or in storage. Once it exceeds the set G value, the indicator will change from white to red and cannot be reset, providing clear evidence of mishandling. They can stick to your package directly or onto a product inside.

Shock and Tilt Indicator Benefits

Shock and Tilt Indicators provide many benefits to your packaging operations as they allow you to ship your goods and rest assured knowing that your indicators will detect and record the impact of any mishandling of the fragile items. They also reduce the chances of product damage and loss during transport and storage. So, what are the other benefits of both Shock and Tilt Indicators?

  • Protects fragile, sensitive, or calibrated products.
  • Identifies weaknesses in the supply chain, from production to transportation and to storage.
  • Enhances your business image with customers and restores faith in your ability to deliver products safely.
  • Alerts carriers that careful handling is mandatory.
  • Provides clear evidence of mishandling.
  • Customer inspection time is reduced.
  • Reduced time spent processing damaged product claims with shipping companies and customers.
  • They are tamper-proof.
  • The easy-to-use adhesive backing requires no tools or assembly to install.

On top of these benefits, the shock and tilt indicators do not require you to make any changes to your packaging, products, or shipping methods. No need to worry about having to do any re-designs either, just simply stick them onto your packaging and they are good to go!

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Shock and Tilt Indicators: Tips and Tricks

Lastly, we thought we would leave you with some tips and tricks for shock and tilt indicators to have the best impact.

1.       Put the indicators in an easily visible location, so that your handlers will not miss it. It is said the best place is near any corner of the container.

2.       Consider placing an extra indicator on the interior of the box.

3.       Add a mark on top of the indicator to prevent it from being replaced. Or at least if it is replaced you will know it.

4.       Spray glue can be used to make a superior adhesive on wooden crates.

5.       Make sure to place two indicators on both sides of the container, in order to monitor all sides for tilting.

Shock and Tilt Indicators from Swiftpak

At Swiftpak, we provide a variety of Impact Indicators including Tip N Tell Monitors that you can place on your box and the arrow will turn permanently blue if the container is tipped. We also have a variety of Shock Impact Labels that come in a range of vibrant colours that make them unmissable. They can be used to indicate rough handling through the white bar that turns red to show clear sign of mishandling.

If you need to find out more about the shock and tilt and Impact Labels we provide, please do not hesitate in contacting our packaging experts today.