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Semi-automatic Battery Strapping Tool is another of the range of unprecedented quality packaging automation tools. Designed to integrate into any packaging line. This strapping machine comes in a semi automatic, portable version to make strapping easier than ever. 

Battery Strapping Tool Features

3 Easy-to-use Settings

3 Easy-to-use Settings

To increase speed of operations, the Paktool strapping tool comes with three easy pre-set settings. This allows for straight forward, hassle-free strapping in an efficient manner.


Time saving

Not only is this tool consistent in the quality of strapping the product but it is also faster. This combined with the other benefits make the machine a lot more efficient to use as it doesn't require a designated strapping station.

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The portability of this machine makes it ideal for strapping pallets. Especially loads or products of an awkward size and shape as the machine has not limits on the size of load it can strap.

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