Less Waste

Achieve the same or better load stability with significantly less film by weight. No cores to dispose.



Reduces operator strain and injuries due to a lightweight dispenser.


Pre-stretch performance

Efficient wrapping and optimal film usage with a pre-stretch solution.

The Precisionrap system

An ergonomic dispenser & high performance film provides the ultimate hand wrapping combination.

Precisionrap system

Ergonomic dispenser

Allow the system to work for you with automatic film tensioning. The Precisionrap Dispenser offers a safe and consistent wrap with optimal film usage every time.

  • Reduce film consumption - on average, customers see their total film consumption by weight drop a minimum of 35%.
  • Improve load containment - Precisionrap is proven to provide an average of 50% more containment force than traditional hand wrapping techniques.
  • Speed up pallet wrapping times - typical loads see a 33% increase in pallet wrapping speeds, without compromising on quality.

High performance film

Engineered to maximise containment and yield, the Precisionrap Film is second to none.

When applied through the Precisionrap Dispenser, a standard 1,500' roll will outperform a traditional 2,000' roll.

Use less film and get more pallets wrapped with film from Precisionrap.

Precisionrap benefits



Can significantly reduce musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) hazards and employee fatigue.



Reduces risk of occupational accidents. No more bending over or walking backwards whilst wrapping.


Reduced film consumption

Significant reductions in annual film roll consumption due to stretch ability.


Consistent quality

Consistent 'machine-like' application and control means optimum film tension and load containment.


Safe & easy storage

Magnet pads allow for safe, easy, and out-of-the-way storage.

Precisionwrap in action

High performance stretchwrap

Precisionrap Film


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Ergonomic& lightweight

Precisionrap Dispenser

Precisionrap dispenser

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