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  • Extruded Polyester Strapping 406/150MM Card Core

  • The elastic properties of this strapping mean that it can conform to awkward shapes without danger of loss of strength. Extruded polyester strapping has such a high flexibility that it can retract to the size and shape of your product after tensioning, and retain its elasticity to ensure bundles remain secure, regardless of shrinkage or movement. Choose from a range of widths and strengths to suit your exact needs. The supple polyester fibres of this extruded strapping will not scratch, rust or stain your packaging. The cardboard core is ideal for disposal and recycling along with other cardboard waste. Extruded polyester strapping is 100% recyclable when disposed of correctly. Seals and tools available: Serrated metal seals (refs: STSER12 and STSER16) available for use with separate tensioners and sealers (refs: TOHPT50, TOOFHS12 and TOOFH16) or combination tools (refs: TORSK12 and TORSK16).Please note, STPET70 is a heavy duty 19mm strapping and should be sealed by friction welding. See ref: TOTVX12/16 Battery powered hand strapping tool.

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