How it works

When ordering through the Swiftpak website, each product is assigned with a total waste figure and recorded inside your account. We use these numbers to generate the amount of paper waste created by your business.

We then take this figure on a monthly basis, run it through a calculation and give you the ability to purchase the number of trees required to counteract your impact and reduce your carbon footprint. 

You also have the ability to purchase as many trees as you want to make an even bigger difference.

Getting started

From inside your Swiftpak account area, you'll find a prompt (underneath the reporting section) to start planting your trees . You'll then be taken to a separate page.

  • From here, paste in your API key to link your Ecologi forest to the Swiftpak website. This will give you the ability to plant trees, view monthly information, and share your forest directly from your Swiftpak account area.

    If you haven't made an account with Ecologi yet, sign up here and get your very own API key.

  • Alternatively, you can choose to plant your trees in the Swiftpak forest. This doesn't require an account with Ecologi and you can start planting right away! You'll see exactly how many trees your business has contributed to the Swiftpak forest and will be able to share your progress with the world.

Swiftpak trees recap

Why Ecologi?

Ecologi plant trees and fund the world's best climate crisis solutions. They support projects across the world and have made incredible environmental contributions to countries such as the UK, Vietnam, Peru, Madagascar, Malawi, Chile, and more. 

By planting trees through Ecologi and Swiftpak, you'll be lowering your companies carbon footprint, creating employment for local families, and restoring wildlife habitats. Why not sign up today?

An important point to know: 87.5% of all money made by Ecologi goes directly to funding planet saving projects. 

Visit Ecologi


But wait... there's more

swiftpak eco badge

Plant trees to unlock an eco-conscious badge for your packaging

When your business plants trees through the Swiftpak portal, you qualify for the use of our brand new tree planting badge.

If you decide to opt in, the badge can be printed anywhere on your packaging to demonstrate that both you and your customers are supporting the environment through the planting of trees.

It may only be a small badge on your packaging, but it stands for a large movement that focuses on the health of our planet.

B certified company

Swiftpak CSR. We're doing more than just planting trees.

We aim to make a real impact here at Swiftpak, and not only on the environment. Supporting charities, volunteering, and helping meet societal goals has always been part of our ethos. 

During these uncertain times, we've been lucky enough to support the people that need it most.

We've also become a B Corp certified company!

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