About the client

The client was a garage door manufacturer that packages and ships garage doors to customers. Garage doors are large, awkward, and preassembled before this done and unfortunately sometimes they do not arrive in the condition a customer would expect. If a customer returns one that is damaged, the questions that would arise were: Where did it happen? Who is to blame?

The company was dealing with a large number of costly returns

The garage door manufacturer was dealing with a large number of costly returns because customers were receiving damaged doors.

Their goals were firstly to discover what was causing the product damages, and secondly to eliminate all returns for which they could be liable.

shockwatch indicators

What was the solution?

By placing ShockWatch RFID indicators on their garage doors, they could pinpoint if a damage occurred and at what point during the shipment it took place.

If the ShockWatch RFID on a particular garage door enters an area un-activated, but leaves the area activated, the damage likely happened there. Furthermore, since asset condition is automatically entered into the companies ERP as it passes by a reader, the company was able to begin pulling the damaged product in real time.

The company found that the majority of their product damage occurred after it left the manufacturing facility but before it arrived at the distribution warehouse. The company
improved it’s packaging and was able to reduce their internal supply chain damage by 40%. Ultimately, annual claims were reduced by 60%!

Overall, the company noticed a shift in behaviour from supply chain workers because ShockWatch RFID acted as a visual deterrent for unacceptable handling and assigned accountability for supply chain damage.

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