About the client

A food subscription service in the UK that offers quality, easy-to-follow recipes delivered straight to your door.

They provide a wide variety of meal options for both couples and families using fresh ingredients at reasonable prices. 

"Swiftpak solved a major issue for us and we look forward to continuing what can only be described as 'successful' collaboration going forward!"


Putting failed shipments in the past with Swiftpak's packaging solutions

The client came to Swiftpak with a major problem. With inconsistent performance in the tape they were using, 6.65% of their deliveries were failing due to damages - costing the business a lot of money! A failed shipment includes of refunding the customer, paying the courier to dispose of the package, paying a fine to the courier, and worst of all, no delivery for the customer – which could mean losing the customer entirely.

Supatak Machine Tape

The solution

With high customer expectations, the food subscription service had to act fast, and that's when Swiftpak came to the rescue. After identifying the inconsistent taping issue, the experts at Swiftpak recommended using Supatak Machine Tape, a high-performing, versatile and cost-effective tape. This, paired with an automated taping machine was bound to achieve the results the client was looking for.

Packaging on conveyer

The results

To compare the effectiveness of their new and improved taping solution, the food subscription company completed a study. 

Using the previous taping solution, 5,346 boxes were shipped, resulting in 356 failures - a 6.65% fail rate.

Using the Supatak Machine Tape, 16,036 boxes were shipped, resulting in only 4 failures - a 0.00034% fail rate.

An incredible saving in the cost of failed shipment, Supatak made a massive impact.

Excellent service from friendly and knowledgeable staff. Would definitely recommend to other businesses.


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