About the client

As a third party logistics company they were handling large quantities of pallets every day and in large loads. These were often unstable and the cause of workplace accidents resulting in injury. 

“Much easier to catch the bottom and wrap the top of higher loads.”

Operator Feedback

Swiftpak's precisionrap increases efficiency and safety for Logistics

With a need to ramp up pallet wrapping capacity to handle the shipping of 700+ pallets a day, the logistics company desperately needed a wrapping solution that could handle this. Their old practice, using extended core hand film pallet wrapping practices were slow, ineffective at reaching the top and bottom of pallets and failed at properly containing loads consistently.

Our solution to the issue

The precisionrap system provided the perfect solution with faster, higher quality and a more consistent wrapping process, without the need for increasing warehouse space. 20% more pallets are being wrapped per shift, resulting in a faster loading of trucks and a speedier time to market. The logistics company calculated a cost saving of film of $100k/year and better containment of all types of loads, there were significant improvements in workplace injury.

Tighter than their current film when applied. Hold the loads together better.

National Grocery Retailer – Operator Feedback

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